Saturday, January 31, 2009


before you read about my fam...please, go and pray for this fam who has been sent home from the hospital with their 2 year old daughter, tuesday, to die with stage 4 cancer. i am aching over this...please, i beg you, pray for their peace and strength...


company {or paige use to call them customers} is such a wonderful thing. we love having people in and around us. we're a very loud house with a lot going on, so there aren't many brave peeps who brave our house, but the "U" fam love us...and we love them! and that always means pizza...yummy!!

{this picture is in honor of my paige who says, "my mom will take pictures of anything. she takes pics of food we eat all the time"

karen is my fab friend...we have really grown in so many ways together over the last 12 years since we met. karen is the best person in the world to rely on for prayer or support or to listen. she can cry a waterfall just thinking about how much someone else is hurting. she's been and will continue to be sucha gift from god. {but she hates her pics, so look at those great hands....her 2 year old painted her nails!}

alex is the big girlie...17...and she's gorgeous and a god-centered teen who i just adore. but she's normal, so i did get the standard "back of the head" shot.

the kids play and play and play. ok, brooke chases nicolaus and tries to tackle him and nicolaus acts like a gentlemen and doesn't tackle her back. poor nicolaus spent a lot of time hiding in the bathroom from brooke.

the little girlie pies were making many, many joyfil noises...loud, joyful noises.

and i was able to nicolas a donut at 9pm! which in turn, caused a domion affect and all the kids had to have one...stinking kids always find out when i'm being sneaky!

jk and molly just love each other...they are like the bestest friends. when they are together, i think i see butterflies and rainbows! they hold hands and dance...

...and the cuteness factor is out of this world!!!
it's never too early to get a good friend.

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity" proverbs 17:17

Friday, January 30, 2009


i am in a vintage mood, so feel lucky...

this is my little brother, matthew. isn't he just darling. we only had him on earth for a little less than 4 years. he's one of those kiddos that are sent here for just a short period of time to bless a few folks along the way...

my mom had this picture taken when my dad was out to sea..thus, the sailor suits...and note my awesome whistle too. accessories!! i don't remember too many details about matt not being anything but fun and my little bro. i never knew until i was older that matt had cp {cerebral palsy} and 16 other major birth defects.

i do remember screaming at people who would stare at him. {shocking i know}. i also remember swinging his swing as high as it would go and mom almost having a panic attack when she saw me doing it. he liked it...he was laughing really hard!!

so today, for no really good reason, i am honoring my litle bro, matt. he's so darling. he's got my daddy's ears and my mommy's button nose...and his face just brings joy to my heart. and if he were still here, he would be 38, which blows my mind...what makes me super joyful is that one day i will reunite with him in heaven. praise the lord.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

snowed-in fun

so when the teenager says, "hey we should all go outside and play in the snow together..." get ur booty up and go!

jada just likes to sit on the snow. she's totally not into the cold part or in to sledding or, well, really anything, other than sitting. she does it pretty, though!

a game of chase...seems appropriate!

look at that little red nose!

p, s and b sleeding...look close for sofie int he big pink ball in the middle!

then you get all 4 in one pic, together...seriously amazing!

this is literally the beginning of the end for jada...p talked her into a sled ride down the hill.

the end...p and b are cackling with delight...

and then, it's def the end! tears of fear. she' def not gonna be my bungy jumper!

being snowed in isn't so bad...i mean, we did this all together!! ok, i hate the snow and i hate the cold still..but the fam time is awesome!!!

oh, did i mention that hubs had to get in on the action??

i heart joy

my fav face of the week i from my miss jk
{with 4 kids, it's hard to pick one}

jk has been in a phase with terrible smiles in pictures. finally, saying "be happy" got the real smile to come out...then she got so tickled at her little self, she got down right giddy!!!

i heart faces is amazing and you have to go and see them! go and take a peep at all the fab faces from this week there!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

project {create a home}: Laughter Captured & A Prize!

project {create a home}: Laughter Captured & A Prize!

i cheated...did digi on, but i sill really love how the page turned out. thanks for the challenge...i ended up getting two more pages done!!! yea! ok, i know the last one isn't titled right, but it's still stinking cute!!!

double order?

i'm going to admit something to you...i hate (loathe) my chin! it's a family heirloom that i could definitely do without. i feel like i look 50 pounds heavier in every picture because of my chin.

i hate my chin.

ok, so i love the picture of me and sofie, but i almost deleted it and refused to post because my chin! so here's what i'm doing. i'm taking a step forward in the "my husband thinks i'm hot and i should too" moment. i'm posting the picture...

i really am struggling with this whole "almost 40 year old, post 4 kid, worn out body". i don't look the way i use to, and that's hard for me to swallow. now, seriously, i have never been a supermodel or even gorgeous, but i looked better, at least in my eyes. two c-sections later, my mid section has a sausage roll that can't go away...and my poor little eyes just can't see past my double chin and sausage roll.

i'm working on it, i promise. i don't want my girlies to hear my struggles and deal with the same thing when they are older. paige said the other day, "mom, you are beautiful. shut up about the way you look."

that was a wake up call.

so, i'm posting the picture...and trying really hard to remember that "i'm hot". it's hard...i have to admit. do you have this struggle? am i alone?

so i am reminded in proverbs 31 of the woman i am to be...gorgeous and skinny aren't listed. so why is it such a big deal to me?

if god made me in his image, am i not telling him he did a bad job by constantly thinking i look bad? my heart sinks thinking that my words are more than i'm turning a new leaf. i'm going to see myself as a daughter of god first and a humanly body second.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

jada interview

me: "what do you think about mommy?"

jk: a very long pause then, "ummmmmm...i don't know."
{not a reassuring start}

i ask: "what is your favorite food that mommy cooks?"

j: "i love chicken. i love rice. mommy is a good cooker. you are not a bad cooker. you always give us food and drinks. you always are the best cooker. you do my hair. you look beautiful for me and brooke. so, i want you to come to my school."
{i guess topics are hard to handle at this age}

i ask: "why do you love jesus?"

j:"cause jesus loves you. jesus love you. then him there was nothing and he is asleep. they yell, 'wake up there is thunder.' jesus wake up. him friends were scared and he said 'stop storm' and then there was no rain. 'be still thunder.' and then there was no thunder."

jk: "i want to tell about my friends;
i love eva cause i wish she could come back. {eva moved right before christmas}
chase is new friend. ellie took a toy away from him. and she got in trouble. she took away from me. she is not letting us share. she did not give it back to me. i tell my teacher and she called her mom. and then, she got in trouble.
ellie is nice and she got a tissue for me. and she said "i love you". and she is my boyfriend.

me: "no ellie is a girl. doe mean chase?"
jk: "no ellie."
me: "you can't have a girl for a boyfriend...she's a girl, not a boy."
jk: "ok, whatever."

i love these little moments...where i learn things i didn't know before.

Monday, January 26, 2009

not me monday

here are a few things that i totally DID NOT do this last week...

i DID NOT buy 6 candy bars at the pharmacy when i went ot get the kids prescriptions filled because i knew ryan would be traveling the whole week and i would NOT need a little pick me up every now and then.

i DID NOT feed my kids "alphabet rings", cucumbers, cheese and a cupcake for dinner and call it healthy one night while i ate nothing but did get a fabulous diet coke!

jada DID NOT say to me in the preschool drop off line: "when little girls sneak and get in the pantry and eat food that they are not allowed to eat, mommy's and daddy's get angry, Jesus cries and santa is always watching."

we DID NOT have our friends over on saturday evening and end up doing a marathon wii sports fitness age contest.

i DID NOT eat mexican food two nights in a row.

ryan DID NOT have his "meet and talk" with paige's boyfriend. and hubs DID NOT go in the garage to pray first...almost having a panic attack. and hubs DID NOT tell paige that he was proud of her later after the chaos was settled. {tear}

i DID NOT get a stinking groove on with my new bloggy gig over at project{create a home} this last week.i DID NOT get a hooray shout out when the ortho called and said paige's shoulder was just sprained and not torn as he originally thought! praise god!

join in the fun and feel better about yourself...i mean, see what others DID NOT do either!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

taking control...

this last week, hubs was out of the country traveling on business. 2 of the 4 girls got very sick...andi had no sleep for 3 days...
b had a high fever that just wouldn't break and at one point, i got worried...103 and not going down, but i did it.

i called my mom and dad.

i am a LESS THAN 40 year old woman...who still desperately seeks the advice and love from her parents...and it's beccause they are so stinking incredible that i can do that at 1am. i just wanted advice...but when the phone hung up, my mom was in the car, on the way over to help me out regardless of my many attempts to tell her i had things handled just fine.
and when she got exhausted from the little sleep, my daddy came {without me even asking or knowing he was coming} and spent the entire afternoon and evening with the girls who were sick so i could still be a mommy to the ones who weren't...there were bball games and doctors appointments and get the idea.
{did i mention that my 'rents were in the middle of a wallpaper tearing down/kitchen painting session that was untouched for me?}

so, thanks to mom and dad, the household stayed upright and stable...and i didn't lose my mind. and in the midst of it all, my mom says, 'this isn't work...i love feeding my baby and playing with my grandbabies'. later, dad told me, 'i loved every second of it. i got to hold sofie all day and that just doesn't happen.'

way to take a hard, exhausting few days and see the blessing that came out of it.

did i mention i have fab parents...and that i can't express my love enough for them! they have always shown me "others first"...this pic is from my little bro's adoption day...see what i mean?!
{and be totally jealous of my dorothy hammill/bowl cut}

Micah 6:8 (The Message)

But he's already made it plain how to live, what to do,
what God is looking for in men and women.
It's quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor,
be compassionate and loyal in your love,
And don't take yourself too seriously—
take God seriously.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

dump and run soup

i don't post recipe ideas because, well, i get sick of having to think so much about food...what to buy, when to buy it, how much to buy, what to fix on what may know what i mean.

but...this is something that i have to share...super quick. super easy. super cheap. and it's a fam fav, done in 20 minutes and it's nutritious. woot woot.

chicken tortilla soup

1 can diced tomotoes with green chilis
i can cooked chicken (or use leftover pieces of chicken)
1 box of chicken broth
1 clove garlic, crushed (or the easy route of 1 teaspoon crushed garlic)
1 cup prepared salsa
1 can black beans
and i often add a beer for flavor {but only if you can let stew on the stove top...don't get the kids saucy!}

dump it all in a stew pot and simmer for at least 20 minutes. scoop into bowls and chow down!

we like it best served with shredded cheddar cheese on top and crushed up tortilla chips.
super yummy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

chores and help

in the midst of cleaning, i just get sometimes caught up in the playing...

and maybe it's because i seem to do the same thing over and over and it never looks any better...
or maybe it's because my littlest assistant is so stinking cute!!!

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