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Updates since we've gotten home!

So, things have been a whirlwind at the Ehaus house.  Sofie is doing great.  At her 2 weeks doctor's appointment, she weighed in at 4lbs 4oz, which is far more weight than anyone expected!  (note bothe the happiness and the sadness to the left)  She is a great eater and is molding well into the crazy life around here. Paige, Brooke and Jada are all enjoying having yet another sister.  Paige is loving feeding and cuddling Sofie.  She actually has the best burping technique in the house!  Brooke and Jada are both great helpers and have enjoyed time with and without the has been an adjustment at times :) So, here are a few pictures to enjoy...

This is Miss Sofie relaxing one last time at the hospital before coming home...aaaahhh!

Finally, Jada gets to hold Sofie!  What a relief!