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growing up is hard to do...

since i'm getting over being a mom to an adult child now, i'm ready to remind myself i'm not that old...and remember i still have my 3 little ones {which may or may not make me feel older}.

 b is almost 10 here's a glimpse into her life today...b is hilarious.  plain and simple: hilarious.  quick witted and funny...

she adores animals more than almost anything else, other than much so that she has been a vegetarian since she could speak.

the 2 major loves of her life: Oliver Joseph Poops-a-lot and Zeus...our bunny and dog, who both deserve a medal of honor for what they do with and for b and her ASD.

oh yea, she's on the spectrum.  b is autistic...and in special schooling and lots of counseling for life skills, but most of all, b is loving and kind and caring and a free spirit.

who doesn't love a kid that can start a "pile on dad" at 7am with her sisters and giggle through it all!

most of all, she's my b.  i love that crazy l…
graduation is a great way to get you to review your time with your kids in the past 18's a fun way to remember all the great things you have actually done with them along the way.

i loved prepping for the open house...getting all the pics together and the house ready.  i just really wanted to completely honor paiger, admiring all the amazing accomplishments of a great young lady.

so here's a few shots of just that...honoring a great woman of character, a woman of God, a daughter that is worthy of praise.  thanks, pig, for being a perfect role model for your younger sibs.