Monday, March 19, 2007

Brooke's First Day of School

Well, here I am on my official first day of school at the 'big school that's a long way away' (1 mile), and I got her there with a matching outfit and combed hair (thanks, Kristin). So here are the pictures to prove it.

I was having some trouble mustering up a smile this morning, and eating was definately out of the question. About two swigs of milk is all I could get down. But it's all ok, because 'my teacher give me food at school'. I'm a little nervous, and excited, and it was just really early. Mr. Sun wasn't even out yet.

Anyway, here I am, all ready to go...backpack on and everything.

We're at the front door, everything is ready, going to school, still can't muster up a smile. Still haven't drank any milk. Dad's still taking pictures.

Where is that bus anyway? I don't see it outside.

The bus definately isn't coming.

Seriously, we've been waiting here for like 45 seconds, and it's not coming.

But wait! It came! Just when things seem their lowest, and I'm not hungry and I'm not thirsty and the sun's not out and the bus has forgotten me and I'll never get to go to the big school that's a long way away (1 mile), it came! Here's me getting on the bus to prove it. I didn't cry or cling to daddy (was he even there?) or throw myself on the ground and scream or anything. I just got on the bus.

Although...Dad said I looked really nervous once I was in my seatbelt on the bus. Maybe the realization was setting in that a piece of my childhood was ending as another began and that this was the beginning of 18 long years of education (barring grad school) and that endless days of running and playing were never to be seen again. Or, maybe I was on a bus with two women I never met before. Anyway, that was it! I suppose it's not all that dramatic. I'll be home in 3 hours.