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yep...i'm here and different

one of the things i have been spending a LOT of time focusing on is my training and my diet.  being a post 40 type 2 diabetic (thanks, sofia!  ha!), means i have extra things to consider for the rest of life.  being 4'10" sucks enough, but throw diabetes on top of it and a tendency to hold my entire weight in my waist and face, well, it's bad news.
so, i've totally kicked it in gear, sister.  i mean in full throttle for the last 10 months.  my workouts have went from twice a week of hard workouts to 2-3 days of spin and 2 days of boot camp a week...
and i think it's totally paying off!  i'm down over 8% in body fat...and i have went down in clothes...killer.  (i hate showing that picture from january...but it's flipping amazing the difference!)

am i perfect?  nope.

but i'm working really hard.  and not just on looking better, but on seeing that me being me and not being "perfect model vision me" is just fine.  (still totally not there, by the …