Wednesday, October 26, 2011

joy and pain...

sofia has lived her entire existence on the softball's what she asks every day.  "do we have a tournament today?"

tournaments mean playtime and pools and...well...a few more emotions too.

the key to fun...a magic blanket.

add a pop...
then poke a  hole thru the bottom and make the pop a "pee pee pop"...
toss in a backpack...and magic begins...
because in the backpack are some treats...
but even at the ball fields...there's time out for back talk and not being respectful.  (yes, i am that mean!)
and there's tears...
proving hubs point...that in our house if someone isn't crying right now, they will be soon, or they have just finished.
but it's a cute cry!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

it happened...

it happened today...she got her license.  and guess who she wanted to take on her first drive?

yeps...sofia daisy.

so off they went...without get a poster board and stickers for a school project. {my credit card, of course}.

and that officially means i am old...

the upside to all this?  i have another driver to tote around the kiddos if i need it!
{do you see the smile on sofia's face??}

Friday, October 21, 2011

me in real life

i'm a real mom...i'm a real friend...and i'm a real person.

what you see is pretty much what you get.  would i like my house to be perfect and my kids clothes to be stain and rip free? sure...but that's just not reality in this life.

when my friends call, do i call them back?  yes...but it can be weeks bc you never know if there's meltdowns or psych appts or therapy or just life that gets in the way of having a single second of free time to make a simple call.

it's the life of me.  i'm tired most of the time.  i shower when i can get everyone everywhere and have time, so sometimes it's not until 2pm.  i work out simply because i have to...and it's the one point of stress relief i have in life at this point.  i don't have much "fancy" left in me...i wish i did, but i don't most days.

but hubs, well, he loves the fancy he'll date me.  yep...this is where you get jealous!

and when we go out, i have to wear non-hoody.  {these are things i will never understand...i mean, i pull of a killer hoody and jeans}.  i can rock a skirt and heels...the one great part of me is my legs, so girl, i rock them when i got 'em!

IMG_9640 (2 of 2)

hubs grabbed a shot bc he wanted to show me "how good" i looked.  thus, the amazing sarcastic face i'm making.

it occurs to me, though, that this is it.  crap all over the place, nothing in  order and me...right in the middle of it, trying to make it!

it's not awesome.  it's not glamorous, but it's real life.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

how do we travel???

we travel all the time by car...from 2 to 8 hours one way for softball...all the time.

and how do we do it? cheap for one...

lots of boxes are a life saver...snacks...and secret "special stops" for ice cream.

and of course...
sofia crying...jada gazing...brooke resting...paige iPod'ing and chilling.

altogether, boringly...but we get the job done!

Monday, October 17, 2011

an apple a day...

i was informed by the dr. sofia daisy that my baby, "kayla", needed some really serious help.  she had just seen her in her office and she discovered the following:
  • kayla had a bad attitude
  • kayla had spent quite a bit of time not listening and choosing to do the wrong things even when she knew the right thing to do
kayla, worst of all, did not get any bubbles at the end of the appointment because of the choices she had made.
2011-10-06 10.03.50

sofia told me that she had things i needed to work on before our next appointment...and can you see that stinking list!?!

she handed me "kayla", my cell phone, the notes and my bill.
2011-10-06 12.33.39

i then was met by the secretary, jada, who required my money before i was allowed to leave. she gave me a bill...(i love love love that the first word is "cost").

2011-10-06 10.17.45

so in the end, i'm thinking that all the time we have spent at doctors, psychiatrists and counselors has changed us all.  and it has shown itself...maybe not in the ways you would expect, of course.

well, at least they were listening...right?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

german michigan

i'm finding all kinds of pics i have to share with you all from the summer...

one of the best things about travel softball is going places you would NEVER go normally as a family, so you have to make an adventure out of every place you go.

we headed to nationals in michigan this year and on the way home found the "germany in michigan", frankenmuth.  why did we stop there?  we heard the fried chicken at the bavarian inn was worth it.

i can tell you that hubs really enjoyed the huge beer glass...

but the best thing of all...paige being the pied piper of the girlies!

it doesn't get any better than that...because it's embarrassing for all future major events in each of the kids lives!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


it sucks.  i'm just going to be honest.  autism diagnosis sucks.

it's nothing we didn't already feel before the appointments, but hearing it, like FOR REAL, well, it sucks.

it sucks not because it's hard, but because your daughter is not any different of a person than before the diagnosis.

b face

but the real sucks.

new doctors, new therapists, and more "labels".

it kinda seems like people simply see "autism" and not brooke any more. so here's what i want you to know...

when you walk into a grocery store and you are brooke, you see lights flashing all over the place, you see swirling colors and hear clanging wheels and carts that sound like cymbals in your ear when she melts down and asks to ride on the bottom of the grocery cart in a ball with her hands over her ears and hoody over her head, please don't make a big deal of it and tell me she needs to learn how to deal with structure.


live my life...or better yet, live brooke's life...before ever saying one "helpful" word to us.  you have no idea how bedtime can take 3 hours or how a 5 minute car ride to school can make or break an entire morning because the radio came on when the car started and it sets her off.

2011-06-24 16_wonder (1 of 1)

am i venting or being bet.  because my daughter is not an autistic child.  my daughter is brooke.  a girl who has more compassion in her finger than most people do in their bodies.  a girl who has amazing talent of remembering every single spoken word.  a girl who can relate to animals in a very dr dolittle kinda way.  a girl who has the sweetest smile and can hug tighter than almost anyone in the world.  she's a girl who stands up for what she believes and just doesn't care if you don't like the funky way she dresses.

IMG_8295 (1 of 1)

does b have autism?  yes. 

does it define who she is and who she will be.

absolutely not.

Friday, October 07, 2011

a little softball for you

paige is loving softball, still...i suppose that's why she still plays year-round travel ball.  i am so proud of her, though...

more than just on the field, where she is steadfast...

where she is a leader...

where she works with full effort every single play...

where she has a group of ladies she calls friends first, then teammates...
and where, in the end, she does it all for the love of the game.

play softball.
is there anything else?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

too big

it's a hard time to be a mom...especially when your baby girl is 16, a junior and dating a nice boy.  

homecoming was last week...and the dance...and me and hubs thinking about doing this with 3 more girlies...and a glass of wine.

for now...i think i will just lock her in the house and not let her go anywhere.

how do you think that will work?