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not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...
i DID NOT return the bb flip hubs got and and replace it with a super fab samsung galaxy android phone...hubs is NOT super jealous of all it does and i am NOT, for the very first time, the leader in phone technology in the fam!
while on potty break with finn, rowan and sofia, sofia DID NOT discover that boys {or at least finn} are made a little different.  she DID NOT yell at him for standing up and trying to pee, saying "you will make a big mess.  sit down!!!"  finn DID NOT stare at her like she was crazy and take his time.
my life is NOT more complete with a "find a starbucks" app on my phone...where the locators are grande starbucks cups.
i DID NOT decide to take 4 children {2-2 year olds, a 12 month old and a 7 year old} to the OT office on monday.  we DID NOT clear the waiting room playing legos and police.  i was NOT exhausted after just keeping tabs on who was where and who was eating what.  i DID NOT love…

all, really!

we're at hubs fam's house and like for the first time in years, we are all we tried pics.  it kinda worked...
there's a whole bunch of others that are hilarious...some are just plain annoying, but honestly, we're all still together!
happy post thanksgiving weekend...and gear up for that christmas holiday season.


when i asked b what happened to her face, she said... "i was just sitting there, reading a book and BAM!!  i notice jada is coloring my face."
when i asked about her legs... "well, i guess she's sneakier than i thought.  wow, mom...jada should really be in trouble."
i know i look tired, but do i also look like a total idiot? {{and yes, that is permanent marker...i'm so glad you asked}}

not me monday...month

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do the last, well sadly, month...
sofia DID NOT have a snotty nose, start blowing a snot bubble and notice all the adults around were utterly grossed out.  the snot bubble DID NOT get larger and then smaller...and when the "oooouuuuueeewwww" got loud, she DID NOT turn around, smile a huge smile and lick it with her tongue on the bottom of the bubble and giggle as loud as she could.  she is NOT a handful!
i have NOT been super busy with photography and have NOT been uber happy with all the awesome fams i've met.  it has NOT been so much fun to add to the family with income again after soooo long!
while working out with my trainer, dawn, sofia was NOT playing fetch with her dog, muffin...when muffin returned the ball, sofia DID NOT put her foot on top of the ball, look right in muffin's eyes and say, "what do you think about that one now, mr. wagster?"  i DID NOT proceed to spit my entire mouth of water across the room.
brooke …

face first

sofia has a few major loves in her life. mommy and daddy {i mean, like we are SOOOO cool} mickey mouse and donuts... {i also add screaming and calling her sister's names, but we're focusing on the good stuff for now}
you have to love a girl who just goes all out on what she likes...
sofia lives for donuts...i mean, like i'm pretty sure she dreams about eating them at starbucks...the old fashion donuts, that is.  no stinking little baby cake donut for her!

...and i mean, the girl knows how to enjoy the flipping donut! i'm gonna go face first into the icing {or cup} on my coffee...i'll def not be posting that picture, btw.