Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sadness falls...

when paige and austin were getting pics for homecoming, sofia was jacked up...she was saying, "i go dance wif you, austin."
as paige and austin made their way to the car to load up, sofia yells, "wait, i need to get my seat.  my car seat, austin. i need my seat."
reality started to set in that she wasn't going along...and the eyes started to swell and get all red and puffy...

...and then, sadness fell.  it fell hard!!!

and like any woman in love, she chased that car all the way to the end of the street begging him to take her.

it's ok...she learned a really good lesson.  when you learn that boys ARE stupid {{boys are scum...kick them and run}}, we unite as women.

we went to DQ...with daddy too...the only real man who will not break your heart!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

makenzi and beks

one of the great things about being a photographer is capturing the beauty that sometimes people never take time to see.  i mean, even in people we so often overlook their beauty...

i love doing shoots for people i adore...and my students, well, they are my fav!!  i love that we do life together and then we get to do pics together too!  so two of my all time favs did senior pics recently and i just had to share them with you all...bekah and makenzi.

 they are gorgeous on the outside for sure...and they both are lovers of jesus.  they serve others fervently. they show the love of christ in their normal, every day lives.  

are their lives perfect?  nope.  it's full of divorce. pain. mom's with breast cancer. family struggles.
but does it stop them from being who they are in christ?  not one bit.

"for we are created in christ jesus"...and they know it.  they live it.  they inspire me.
love you girls!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

not me monday

a few things that me and fam DID NOT do this week...

paige DID NOT play in a softball tournament all day, head home and transform into a homecoming pretty lady saturday night.
austin and paige DID NOT look really cute...and me and hubs were NOT a little, well, WOW at how big our little girl has become.  i mean, sophomore!  really?!
ryan DID NOT have a convo with austin prior to him leaving with his baby girl...
sofia DID NOT start screaming when she discovered that she was not part of the dance...she DID NOT start wailing and chase the car down the court.
i DID NOT do 3 bootcamp workouts this week and a flipping spin class. my booty does NOT feel like i rode 327 miles on a bike.  i am NOT ready to have the body of a supermodel with all the work i put in.

brooke DID NOT kick open paige's bathroom stall door at bw's the other night.  b DID NOT giggle so loud that you couldn't hear paige's screams.

lipgloss can NOT solve the world's problems...i'm just saying that obama could really use some.  it makes the girlies smile, even when there's shots involved.
my girlies DID NOT teach me so much about the love of Jesus this week by just being them.  we DID NOT read john 14;1-14 and at the end, they all prayed. Sof said "Dear Jesus. Love. House. Never leave me. Not scared. Amen."  i DID NOT think that she totally got it!!!

sof DID NOT sport a total image while playing outside...she was NOT on a "conference call for a bible study" and i was not to "interrupt" her.

i am NOT feeling like i need more france...i am NOT baking all my bread fresh now and am turning into a julia childs, listening for the cracking.  and i DO NOT need more espresso and eiffel tower either...just saying.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

...and then there's more

if you are tired of hearing about france, you'll have to pardon me...
but seriously, i have some awesome pics to share!!!

isn't it great to walk down this street to go and get your toothpaste???  i mean, seriously!!!

and then, right next to the toothpaste, you find this awesome and amazing piece of furniture!
...and look...there's even a little note on it about me!!

and then, there's the fav, of course, are these wooden ones.  they are literally swayed so far to the side that you can see how NOT upright they are!

streets...well, hard to walk in heels on, but awesome!

and when you are high up...the views:

my fav part, tho...i kept running into this way too hot guy every where.  so awesome!

it worked out!
{{forego the terrible picture in the hotel room...but it's the best we could do.}}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh the wonderful things you can do... francias

so there's a few things i know for sure after being in france.

they are smart...bc they totally understand the imperial, majestic quality of good coffee {espresso}.  i mean, any day you can start with a double shot of espresso in a fab ceramic micro mug with a croissant and fresh squeezed juice is FABULOUS!!!

the eating and drinking in france is an all together's not about speed and getting the whole thing's about the beauty of the establishment, the friendliness of the one waiter and one's about the perfectly fresh, made that day bread which is unmeasurably fantastic and we flipping need to do here in the states!!!

at this place, one of our favs on ile st-louis, an island of sorts in the middle os paris, was this fab german/french restaurant.  how many people work there?  2...the chef and the waiter...sometimes the chef's hubs shows up to clear or reset a table, but 2!
see the chef in the pic?  yep, we were sitting right on the other side of the serving bar.  she fresh cooks each dish as it's ordered.  ryan has beef bourguignon, and i had cĂ´telette d'agneau au four, baked lamb cutlets.
and of course, you see all those glasses, yep, we had us some wine and some apertifs and then, of course, coffee!

even a lunch that is considered "fast" takes an hour to eat...and boy, the food is so good, you WANT it to take an hour!!

and skimping on the style and decor
and you always get the view too!  ahhhh, the view!
it's just fun to have the whole dining experience.  we walked to and from dinner bc that's what you do.  the 45 minute walk is definitely a relationship builder and it makes the dinner more personal.  and the views of the streets along the way are just stunning...everywhere you look is more history, more beauty, something new you've never seen before.  it's just all part of taking the whole thing in.  awesome.
and it's also part of finding the place where you will have your drinks before dinner, bc, again, it's just what you do.  and i mean, who doesn't want to have happy hour in this place???
and at the end of the day, the meal is over, you and your lover are refreshed and renewed, you get to take the subway to la Tour Eiffel and sit in the park and enjoy the peace, the beauty, the awe and the twinkling.
i have a new fav place to be...and it's def in france with hubs.   more than amazing...more than peaceful...more than rebuilding...just plain awesome.

Monday, September 20, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do the last, well, month or so...

i DID NOT fall off the blogging earth lately for school, softball, travel and, well life.

my doctor DID NOT report to me this week that i had lost 17 pounds since march...and i DID NOT say "take that boot camp...i'm beating you".  i'm not proud of myself for all my hard work.

i DID NOT get to jump a plane and take a vacation with ryan to france while he was on a business trip to paris and rennes, france.
the trip was NOT the best, most relaxing vacation of my flipping life...and there was no beach.  can you believe it?
while walking up the steps at sacre couer (the highest point in paris...and a beautiful church atop), there was NOT a man playing a harp with our wedding march when we walked was NOT one of the most romantic things of my life.
paris was NOT the most beautiful was NOT sincerely the city of love.
even a little city street can NOT be simply gorgeous and romantic...and we DID NOT have a fab time just having our aperitif right here!!! {for real}
i DID NOT realize that i have almost NO pictures of the girls bc i've been actually focusing on me and ryan and france...sad, but for once, it's true.
but the kids are NOT still totally precious...and even more so since we got back and spent time alone. 

paiger DID NOT make team akadema 95...a college showcase fastpitch softball A team.  it was NOT her dream to make this team and she is NOT having a total blast playing on such a great team.  she is NOT playing center field and rocking it out.

brooke DID NOT ride her bike into a mailbox on our cul de sac sunday evening...and she was NOT fairly proud of the battle wound on her rib.  she is NOT a trip. 

jada DID NOT pee on her bedroom floor while we were in paris and totally blame the dog...she was NOT caught in her fib by good old auntie christin and brittany.  she DID NOT have a time out and some major clean up to do.

sofia and i DID NOT have a moon launch this last week from the sandbox in the backyard.  we DID NOT make a birthday cake for santa, who does apparently live on the moon in the off season.
sof DID NOT pray at dinner "dear jesus. thank u. i really love u. thanks family. amen'.  i was NOT overwhelmed with the most sincere love and emotion at that point.  i DID NOT look up to see paige and ryan were feeling the very same thing.

i DID NOT tell sofia i had to go to the doctor...she DID NOT respond with, "why mom, does your butt really hurt?"  i DID NOT think that was worthy of going to the doctor, but did thank her for her thoughts.

i was NOT in total withdrawal in france bc i did not have my laptop or wifi most of the time.  i DID NOT have total twitter loss...apparently, i can survive without wifi...but only with the aid of espresso, croissants, lots of sleep and the eiffel tower.

please do NOT come and see me again...i will NOT be talking about paris forever and posting pics for the next week!!!