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Friday Oct 12, 2007

It was horse therapy day at school for Brooke. So, Nana and Papa took Brooke for me since I had to go and get pregnant and here are a few shots showing how much fun she had:

This is the pregame warm up at home in the kitchen. All geared up and ready to go. Of course, Papa played the game well. She was dressed to the hilt like a cowgirl, of course, and just looked darling. Hot pink cowboy boots, straw stetson with a pink John Deere headband, Horse shirt and socks...oh yes!!!

And apparently Princess the horse loved Brooke as much as she loved her. This is a little sugar for the Brookester!

And then there is the cutest cowboy and cowgirl around! So much fun!

Seoul Tower at night...

Here's an ok pic out my hotel window. River in the foreground is the Han River, which runs through the middle of Seoul. Beneath the tower is 'Itaewon', the "clubby" section of Seoul, and on the far side, kind of behind the bridge is the US military base. The Hyatt is the biggest light just beneath the tower and to the right, from where I took the picture below the last time I was in Seoul.

This is probably 1/50 of Seoul, but its a pretty interesting part. Fun facts of the day...about 25% of the population of Korea lives in Seoul, and when we get together for TV watching parties with our friends about 1/2 of 1/4 of the couples is Korean.

Captain's Log...

Stardate 20...where are we? Really, how do we keep track of the date across so many solar systems and light years when it takes years and years even for light to travel the great expanse that is space, and while we are at it, how can our communication happen instantaneously, when even at warp speed our ships take days and days to arrive at their destinations; and why isn't the food better? And why didn't we go ahead and install the spa on the Enterprise? And how come we didn't bring a dog along so we could dress him up in a little uniform and let him run around the Bridge? Oh yeah, I forgot, Zulu's allergic. Anyway...stardate 2007. Beam me up, Scotty. (Editorial note from later: What? Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. See what happens when the International Date Line gets involved??)

Holey Cow....

Just flew over Wrigley Field on the way into ohare. Poor Cubs. Nice stadium though. And really, what did you expect?

More blogging coming your way.

OK. So I had to leave again for business...over my anniversary this time. How is it that I've been to Asia 3 times in my life and one of them is on my anniversary. But this time I have this nifty little phone that I can get email on, and being the techno junkie I am, I figured out I can email a post here to my blog! Leaving the family is hard, but at least now I have time to blog. (d - I'm jk).

So now I can post live reports of my trip, provided 1) I am in this country and 2) I remember. So far so good. But I'm not to Chicago yet.

Editorial note..included a pic of jk I took w/ my phone. It's great. The picture is good too. Don't know where it will land on the page though!