Friday, July 31, 2009

oh yes, it happened

i was just being a good daughter, going to mom and dad's house to pick up their dog...
and then, my brother came...with a puppy...and this is the part, where i think i started seeing everything spinning.

he says, "brooke, you can take her as long as you want. you can even keep her."

then, it happened...brooke did the whole screaming and jumping and well, hugging the dog seemed so not a cartoon. it didn't just happen.
then i got in the car, that i brought my 4 girls out in, and looked around. there were still 4 girlies, but now there were 2 dogs in tow and to boot, my bro kicked in a little plastic push car for sofie...who also did the screaming, yelling thing.

i mean, the dog, which i named java, since that was my only note of decision in the matter, is really stinking cute. seriously cute.
and brooke-ster really loves her...and paige and brooke are doing all the potty clean up around the house. {and, they have really gotten a work out}

paige has begged for a jogging dog for quite some time...and well, she's in love! she even bathed java all by herself.
and java liked the bath...but we found out she might fit in just fine...
she's weird like us. now isn't that sweet? she likes cold baths and she thinks she's a lap dog.
so, i'd say she fits in just fine. what do you think?
and, by the way, hubs will meet her for the first time here...he's in china!
{{here she is ryan...what do you think?}}
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

u asked i answer

If given a weekend to yourself and no limit on money, where and what would you do?

first, i know it's gonna sound corny, but i would not take a weekend by myself if i could go with my hubs. i love him and we love to travel together, so i would def go with hubs. he's hot, i'm not gonna lie.
well, i love the i would definitely toss some major fantastic beach time in. i might have a fun little drink with an umbrella in it on punaluu's black sand beach in hawaii...

since hubs always gets to be a world traveler, i would def go to paris...and i would wear my burberry scarf the fam got me for my july bday! i would have a baguette in paris and drink an espresso experiencing the eiffel tower, like hubs has done so many times. {hate that}

then, i would totally make out, ok, kiss, my hubs in the classic 1940's pose right here...where he took this pic. of course i would get a great shot and totally blog it too!
i'd likely hop a plane to go to my fav beach house...our vacation spot in florida. and i would take it all in...i just like to be alone on the beach...and did i mention this is totally a "long weekend"...yes, and my kids would be taken care of at home, somehow.

so to review...beach, paris and burberry, beach. if all else failed, i'd totally jsut do the beach and do paris for a week...yes, i am that beachy sick.

now go and visit josie, bc u will love her! she's stinking adorable and well, frugal and hilarious too! just click her button below...

do you have any more questions for me??? i have a list going know you want to ask something!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sliding fool

sofia loves the slide...i swear, it's like her second home. we were at abby's house {the abby in the world, btw} and in the back yard is this old swingset and slide...
guess who ran right to it??
the utter joy is amazing to me. {and a fab daddy to help out is awesome too}

this is my favorite's the "i love this, but i think i might die" part. the look on her face is priceless!

alas, the fun has returned and there's a smile on her face even though her bumm is on the gorund.
those slides are the best!

it's wordful wednesday...and you can totally meet lots of new friends there!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

thievery on file

i caught!!!
i downloaded the little digital and i found evidence that those little sneakers were stealing the cam and shooting it up...

clue #1...the finger in the left corner. ok, and the fact that there's a picture of the basement media room with grub on the table.

apparently it was fun action too...check out jada's super awesome and joyful screaming face!

and's their "tent" they know with my feather filled duvet. sweet kids, huh?

and jada did take at least one shot...apparently the bad life got tiring, so b had to take a nap!

and the can never have too many pictures of your piano, trash can, candle or artwork {that paige did btw}.

ah hah!!! the mysterious foot...belongs to brooke. this is when having kids with different races pays off. this is def a white foot! booger!

jada is dancing away...on top of my feather filled duvet. again, so sweet.

and to end the fun, and bring me back to reality, the "inbox" in the kitchen. it's like a "well mom, we were doing what we weren't suppose to, but you have all these bills to pay, so choose your battles."

i love my kids...i do. but seriously, they better not get into criminal behaviors as they get older, bc they suck at be inconspicuous!

so this is my tribute to my thieving kids...good thing they've got good hearts.
and go see angie...she's got kids too and you never know what they've gotten into either.

Monday, July 27, 2009

not me monday

{{first...please pray for stellan and mck mama...stellan has been in svt for too many hours and they can't get the little guy out. stop what you are reading...and please pray.}}

a few things me and the fam did NOT do this week...

at my cousins wedding, brooke DID NOT dance the waltz with her cousin, ben. the DID NOT waltz the entire dance floor, adding twirls and doing the box step.brooke DID NOT point at and push into my mom's "chest" and say, "nana, i can see your breast right here" during the wedding.

paige and gabby {fab cousin} DID NOT do the hoe down throw down for the whole place at the wedding...

hubs DID NOT leave for another out of the country business trip...china this time. we are NOT jealous and are NOT missing him terribly already.

sofia DID NOT look at me from across the room when i told her to come to me and say "no no" and shake her finger in the air at me.jada DID NOT yell 'santa!!' B DID NOT storming in the room running and shout 'where!?'. jada DID NOT point to a picture in a photo album. B DID NOT walk away gasping and rolling her eyes and saying, "seriously jada. come on."

brooke DID NOT pull papa {my daddy} on the dance floor and say, "i need my man to dance. come on."
paige DID NOT say this week, "oh my gosh, mom. he's such a geek. he wears a watch. who does that?" ummmm...ur dad for one!

i was NOT talking about honesty with my friend on the phone in the hooptie on thursday saying we should be honest with a man on the street, with people in authority...everyone. brooke DID NOT pop up in the back seat and say, "yep, especially jesus. he wants us to be honest too. and josh...paige's boyfriend. him too."
i DID NOT get mck mama's "this sucks" about stellan being back in the PICU on saturday...i DID NOT pray for the suckies to go away and for some peace to come in...and you def should too! go visit her and pray.

the wonder of it all

i love the beach...i love my hubs and kids more...but i love the beach. life doesn't get much more awesome than when we are all at the beach together.

i heart faces this week is beach week...and i have roughly 4,361 beachy pics i could enter, but i had to pick just one. and here it is...

the b-ster chilling on the beach...just taking in the awe and wonder of how awesome god's creation is. i remember when we were there, she asked if the ocean could be the ocean if there wasn't the wind and the water together.

i had a great teaching moment...{don't get all caught up in the technical stuff...}i told her god is like the wind...we can't see him, we can feel his presence and we are sure he's there. we are like the water. we get tossed around and we never know where we are going.

the ocean is way more vibrant and awesome with the wind in your hair. you can visit the ocean and do the ocean without wind, but it's way better with the wind in your hair and the sun on your shoulders.

i think that's what god desires from us too...we can do life without seeking him, but it's so much better and way more beautiful and fulfilling with the two together.

so, we decided that the ocean is still the ocean, but it's just way more fun when there's wind and water together!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

faces this week

paige and i must have had too much sweet tea one night...we go photobooth happy!!

this is our moose and fish face rendition...i think it's quite nice.

my fav on this one...def paige's hole in her tooth! awesome!

then i started looking thru my shots from the week and there were some really great faces...i mean, my kids are stinking cute, don't get me wrong, but i love the mixture of emotion...

so here's a few of the faces from the week...

no reason...they are just fun. happy saturday.

Friday, July 24, 2009

it's july...really!

if you dropped by bloghopping...well, this is my life.

i'm a SAHM for 4 girlie pies...have one super hot jesus, coffee, adoption and lots of other things...the best way to get to know my totally imperfect life is to jsut look around and read...if you get behind on the names and faces, the sidebar on the left is a great reminder. so, here's my post for the day...can't wait to meet more of you!!!

so we had fun and met some new boyfriends for the girlies...not really, but man, that kid is adorable!
is he not so stinking cute??? i think sofie could marry him some day...

and we had some major grub too!
and on super fun plates and with all new wedding gifts. i was living vicariously through was fun, i'm not gonna lie.
and because the girlies had looked forward to swimming, they were gonna swim, weather or not!
jada actually said, "hey, i wanna go swimming in the ice cold pool."
yeah, the swimming lasted about 10 minutes and then we moved on. it was freezing!

and when we did, there was fighting and punching in kids faces...and then a time out. yep, even at blake and abby's.

then, we went to talk to the horses...and brooke had some major convo's going on.
{dr doolittle has nothing on my b-ster!}
what a great much fun! and well, in spite of the weather, it was awesome!
have a great weekend!!!