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i walk into my bedroom and see sofia pounding down this box of my BED!!!

oh that delicious feeling of crumbs all over your back and butt while  you sleep.  ahhhh...relaxation!

anyway, i ask the obvious question..."what are you doing?  you are in my bed!"

she says very nonchalantly, "oh my goodness, momma!! daddy ate way too many of these amazing crackers. and then he left them just sitting here in the box.

since there's not many left, now i HAVE to eat them.

wow, dad. wow."

my thoughts

later is better than never, right?

i have been pathetic about blogging...and it's because of life and work and family getting in the way...and seriously, i love looking back over the years and seeing it all play out in pictures and words, so i'm doing the "better late than never approach"...

sofia turned 4 in january...i know it's mid february, but remember the theme!  
i should start by saying that sofia had planned every detail of the birthday experience, down to the order in which we could tell her happy birthday.  
nana played into the whole game and mailed her a package for her big day, which included a "birthday girl" ribbon, which she donned proudly for 2 days prior and on her actual birthday.  in her words, "this way people can say, "well look, there's birthday girl, let's say hi!"

{don't you just wish she was more outgoing?}

off we went with her plans...first was church, with the ribbon, of course.  then out to "bee-bee's" (applebee'…