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if i had a dream it would be...

dreams are an amazing thing to when brooke brought home a piece of art she had created with her dream for our family, i had to ask the rest of the girls too.

paige's dream for the fam:
"spring break right now. beach. pool. done."

jada's would be: "i wish i could be a cheerleader and then the whole family would come and cheer me being a cheerleader."

sofia's would be: "i would be  candle."
me: why??
sofia: "because ...ummmm...why not?"

brooke's...well, it's in picture form. and if you completely understand what this means, let me know.  i'm wondering if it's for all of us to grow long ears, walk on all fours and smile all the time...but who knows!

a little song and dance

you can always count on sofia to have a song in her heart...and on her lips! she shakes her little booty, dances and sings witheverything she matter where she is.
i mean, say for instance, your momma has a flat tire and your dad has to come and fix still sing. in fact, you use the tailgate of your sisters truck as a stage!!!
anyway, listen!!!
{the image quality is horrid, but the video is precious}

one of these things is...

i just love this pic i snapped outside the club of jk and sofia...
i posted it on facebook and i have a number of comments on how much alike they look with their smiles...
i think that's sooo funny.  in case you didn't catch it, it's ok to notice that one of them is not like the other!  it's good old fashioned sesame street song time!
i mean, i love that they are so precious, but they really don't look alike at all.  they are the perfect jada's and sofia's ever.
this is my i heart faces entry this week...cell phone faces!

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...
my friend, stacy, DID NOT serve me an impromptu gourmet dinner on friday night of a salad of fresh greens, apple, feta, cranberries and a homemade vinagrette...all topped with sliced corn dogs.  nope...she didn't.
i DID NOT get a completely flat tire outside of my fav place...starbucks...but it was totally closing time and i couldn't even sit inside and wait for my knight in shining armour to rescue me. when said knight {hot hubs} came to the rescue whilst my hooptie was sicky, the spare tire holder thingy DID NOT break.  we DID NOT have to leave our hooptie on a jack outside of our fav starbucks while we fixed the tire instead.
sofia DID NOT make an amazing supervisor at the said tire changing experiment...
sofia DID NOT make a "snack" for herself...koolaid, 2 cups uncooked rice, 1 cups goldfish.

we DID NOT eat out for dinner on friday night at muldoon' was NOT so much fun!  and we DID NOT make it throug…

she loves them

my miss jada got her dream...braids.  long and pretty braids. yarn braids to be exact...because i can do them, they don't hurt her hair and they look more than fabulous!!!
to answer a few you go!'s just yarn, braided in her hair it took 5 1/2 hours...and a few good movies to get them in how did i, of course!  and some encouragement from pam and essense!!!  and some great videos by keep me curly!
i saw this today from HERE on etsy, and i really feel like my miss jada {and me, for that fact}, could use this fab sign in our house!

she helped...

i asked her to help...
and she did!!!

smarty pants

sofia loves to read...all the time and every where.
she really gets into the book...
you have to love a girl that loves to read that much!
cute and smart...what more do you want???

disaster time

play time around here to me often means a big fat mess of horses and princesses and dresses...but the girlies do love to play pretend.

they work and work on making everything perfect for the for the drama...

bring more stuff in...

then move on to the next room for disaster to commence...or playtime, whichever you prefer to say.


sofia is the baby in the fam...there's no doubt about that. she's def earned the role...and she loves it!
but when brooke's bmom, brit, and her 6 month old, jordan, come for a visit, there's a little green monster that shows loud and proud with my sofia.
now, don't get me wrong, she loves jordan soooo much.  she kisses him and showers him with love, but there's always a little envy in the mix too.

i love the face smash in giving him the pacifier!!!

but look at the joy she has when he finally gets it.

she's so precious...and she'll always be the baby!

silliness with the camera

i was grabbing a cup of coffee on saturday morning and i see brooke being the pro photographer with the rest of the fam...
"you sit here. move over a little. now be silly."
so what did i do???  grab the camera, of course!

it's fun when they don't think you are taking their pics...but that stinking sofia still got a direct smile in!

that poor zeus

brooke loves zeus with every ounce of her body...and that poor dog is so good to her.  he lets her dress him up with not a single growl or stink. 
 even when it's like a princess...and the poor dog is a male.  he does have a look of concern, i have to admit.

dancing on the {table} stage, he fits right into the show.

the other day, brooke brought her backpack up to our room and told us to look inside at what she had special inside for us.  i thought it was art or some paperwork from school...nope.

it was zeus...and he looked concerned, but still just sat there with that zeus-like look.

i prayed for friends that would love and care for brooke exactly where she is in life...and we have some of that.  and we def have a bf for  her...and it's def zeus.

dont get me wrong, the dog def needs some "please help me" time...and he gets plenty of that too...i'm sure if he could talk {and brooke says he does to her}, that he would tell us that things are pretty darn good.

oh a…

the hair

from the dawn of days, miss jada has always wanted a long swinging pony tail just like me, brooke and paige.  it's one of the downfalls to being the only brown girl in a family of white girls.
no matter how many discussions we have, books we read and compliments we give, there is no replacing the desire for the swinging pony tail with jada.
so i did it...i bought the swinging beast
...and i have to say, she is totally in love!!!

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...
hubs was NOT in san juan, puerto rico, beach side, while me and the girlies were NOT back here in the snow mecca during 3 winter storms in 3 days.
i DID NOT go sledding down the 4" inch ice covered driveway with only a small plastic disk between me and imminent death.  i DID NOT scream like a baby with joy in the speed and spinning that happened.  my neighbors DID NOT look outside at me wondering why i was sledding and the kids were watching.
 i DID NOT start this post at 11:32 this morning and just now at 8:14pm get back to try and do something with it.  i have NOT had a super busy day.
i DID NOT have the basic talk with b about boys and girls.  she DID NOT say to me, "mom, i get it.  i have private parts. so do boys. i will NEVER EVER touch them on a boy, not even when i'm married. it's gross. can we move on now?"
zeus DID NOT absolutely refuse to go potty outside in the ice covered tundra of this place we call ho…

snow days

even when you don't go to school, snow days are great bc you get to chill...

hang out and watch a little mickey mouse clubhouse in your old bumbo bc you want to be a baby a little longer...and so mommy can blog and save what little mind she has left.

it's worth it for both of us...

best news of the day...2 hour delay!  which means the older girls are going to school and we're going to work out! wooo hoooo!

please come to the ball

sofia loves to make believe and her fav thing to do is to prepare a princess ball...and sometimes she yanks jada into the scheme and they pull of the ball of the week!

it's a ton of work...

there are many, many famous guests that attend...

tons of preparation involved in the design and decor...

as well as the cooking and serving of the food.

all the work keeps my chef sofia quite busy...mixing and stirring on the stove top {piano bench}

there's baking food in big oven...{or the ikea spinny bubble chair}

in the end, in all their prep work, i get a little work done in between the tasting and the pretend eating...


in the midst of a house full of chaos and an outside full of blizzardy icy ick...sofia found her calm...and it's really stinking cute!

i'm sure at some point soon, that finger sucking will annoy me, but for now, she's finding her calm.  sheeeeewwwwwww.


with the older 3 in school 3 afternoons a week, i actually have sofia alone, which is so nice.  one of the things she has gotten big time into is "being mommy's helper".
i do love having a helper around...

she's not only cute but she loves doing the helping...

i mean...who cares that in the end all the flat ware, and anything else for that matter end up in the silverware drawer...

because a happy helper is a loving helper. woo hooo!