Monday, January 31, 2011

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...

i DID NOT pie the assistant high school principal on thursday night at the hs.  paige DID NOT have the winning ticket and flip out then refuse to go up and pie mr naas. i DID NOT take one for the kid...i DID NOT feel like a weirdo, but i DID NOT have a blast doing it!

i DID NOT blog every single week day this last week and i AM NOT sooooo glad to be reconnecting with my bloggy friends and fam.

i DID NOT unclog 2 toilets in 5 minutes this week.  i DID NOT think that having girls would be better in this arena than having boys, but apparently 3 and 5 year old girls do NOT have the craziest poo instances in the world!


brooke's urinalysis DID NOT come back completely clear with no traces of e coli or any bacteria for the first time in almost 2 years!  we are NOT ever so grateful for that progress.

i DID NOT teach anchorsaway...a super awesome program for hs seniors going out into the world about their faith in God and in the Bible.  i am NOT ever so blessed to have like 30 more students in my life.  wow.


i DID NOT fix the most amazing meal eva...that required absolutely dump and run...and the fam was NOT amazed at my talent!  it's like walking tacos in a flour shell, so i call them "sitting enchildas".  post to follow soon.

sofia DID NOT jump up on stage at the rock, our hs ministry house, and start teaching to the hs students on friday this last week.  she DID NOT say, "jesus is fun. he loves us.  jesus is a shotty."

sofia preaching

i DID NOT sit in paige's truck while she was scraping off the snow and ice...i DID NOT do it with a smile and in the heat.  it was NOT awesome!

sofia DID NOT poop in her diaper...take the poo out of her diaper and dump it in the toilet.  she DID NOT miss a big wad of a piece on the floor in her room...which she DID NOT step in and then proceed to smear off the bottom of her foot all over the wood floor.  i DID NOT walk in to see her with a wad of poo in her hand saying "look mommy, i helping you clean up."  i DO NOT love bleach...and hate that poo still is an issue in my life.

and hubs DID NOT spend lots of time chilling with little man...b's birth bro.  soooo cute!

Friday, January 28, 2011

the thorn...

poor hubs...he's the only guy (the thorn) in and amongst all us girlies (roses), but i have to say, he totally loves being the thorn.

he kicks in and just enjoys all his "daddy's girls"...i think i might have the lead, though, with paige and i'm holding on by a thread!

i even let him pose for pics like this...even though i did all the baking with the girls and he stepped in for a quick shot at the last minute.

i mean, all in all, he deserves it because in this house of roses...

if someone isn't crying
someone has just finishing crying
or someone is just about to start

hormones galore...and one man to stabilize us all. poor guy.

mmmmm....baking time

one of the best things about having little girlies is that they LOVE to help in the kitchen and baking is the master of bonding mommas and kids world round!

i'm certain that in jada's adult life, food prep will be involved.  this girl loves food and anything meticulous {which i hate} she loves to do in the kitchen!

brooke is the "engineering" mind in the kitchen...why does this work this way and how many cookies can i fit on this roll out.

and sofia...well, she's the cute end of the deal who just eats.

we prepped and baked...and laughed along the way...

they did a really great job...i mean, wow!

and jada says, "mom, take my picture with the cookies because i am the best cooker in the world and i want to remember it."

and in typical form, my blood sugar went low, hubs popped in at the end to help and he got in the pics with the girlies.

so much fun!!!  and i love that in spite of us not being gourmets, we make the best rolled cookie dough cookies in the world.

oh, you don't believe me?  just ask jada!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

her wish

me: jada, if you had one wish right now...what would it be?

jada: hold on mom, i will show you all of it.
me: how do you show a wish?
jada: just wait...
{she scampers off in the other room...rumbles are heard..paper is being crunched}

me: honey, what are you doing?
jada: i'm making you my wish.  you will have to wait.

{more crumples...then the refrig opens...the silverware drawer and the pantry open}
all i can think is...this is NOT going to be good.

i hear a toilet seat pop up in the bathroom...
me: sofia, is that you in the bathroom?
jada: nope, that's me.
me: aren't you working on your wish?
jada: yeah.
me: but in you are in the bathroom.
jada:  of course, mom!

she re-enters the room...proudly holds her hands out and says, 
"this is my wish".

it was this...tuna fish, in a can.

then she says, "oh, this is really fish, right mom?  because that is my one wish.  to eat fish.  can we eat fish?  i mean, the fish in the can.  what's it called again?"

wow...that's a kid who loves food.  one wish and she goes for the generic store brand tuna fish.

she's really embracing the new budget.  good kid.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the infamous mickey mouse party

i have never had a kid more in love with mickey mouse in my entire life...
sofia literally sees those stinking ears in the world all around!

so it was only natural that she would BEG for a mickey mouse birthday celebration...
and then the flu hit this house.  and hit again and again.

 but the birthday must go on...and on before nana and papa head to the sunshine-y place for a smidge.  so on the party went...or the dinner with dq ice cream cake, fun plates and napkins.
the great thing about sofia is that she has hubs attitude on most merely having anything at all with mickey mouse on it, well, that made it the most perfect party ever.
add the nana and papa factor in and well, life was more than complete for sof.  everyone knows when nana is coming there are gifts not far behind...usually in papa's arms!
i guess you can see by the face...she was delighted!
in absolute awe of the mickey cake...and to think i was going to put effort in making her a cake in the shape of his head.  i'm so glad she loved this one!
oh, and as i type this (definitely 11 days later), i remember, i don't think we even gave her a gift.  well, i guess we should get on that. of the year, again.  and she still loves me.

it's wordful wednesday...come play along!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


in loving i heart faces...i'm totally offering up sofia this week...

innocent wonder

do you think she really thought i didn't see her eating the cooking dough??

sofia is what??

where has all the time gone??  i mean, we started this blog when sofia was in utero to keep everyone updated on her progress...and mine.  how in the world has that been three years ago??

well, it has...and our sweet little 3 pounder has grown up to be a spunky, smart, chatty, ever moving 21 pounder at 3 years old.

how do they go from this...

to this full grown little tidbit of full blown energy??

the Lord has certainly blessed us with way more than we could ever have imagined...sofia in and of herself was a pure miracle.
{infertile...i scoff at your "infertile" almost 40, pre-menopausal and very, very surprised}

so happy bday {like a week or more late} are treasured, you are loved...and your mom has too much on her plate and you being the 4th kiddo get all the cuddles right now, but the late birthday post on the blog!

Monday, January 10, 2011

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do the last week {or so}...

the fam DID NOT get together with the ungerer's to play games and watch the colts {epic fail}.  this insane game that starts with "qui" or something was NOT almost the death of me.

we DID NOT make up two bday parties for sofia so far this last week so we could enjoy dairy queen ice cream cake...and we DID NOT eat it both times.  we are NOT planning a party on friday this week either...

the fam and 15 other high school students DID NOT go downtown in indy at 7am christmas morning to serve the homeless and make them christmas dinner in a parking lot, sing christmas carols and give out backpacks full of necessities.  it was NOT the best christmas morning we have ever had.

a homeless man on christmas morn DID NOT ask me to give a cookie to my kiddos from him so he could give his one and only christmas present of the day.  i DID NOT cry...and the kiddos DID NOT think that was the coolest gift they had ever gotten.
while drinking my coffee, i DID NOT notice sofia crawling up on the center diaper on.  when i asked why, she DID NOT respond, "i just wanted to put my bare butt on the counter."

sofia DID NOT make it through to midnight on new year's eve whilst dancing the jig, singing and moving constantly to ensure she DID NOT fall asleep.

while playing the infamous "q" game, i DID NOT have to write a 5 line poem about karen then sing it in opera style...nor did i have to dance the ballet in the hallway, in front of everyone.  i DID NOT almost pee myself doing the tutu hops and leaps.

i DID NOT get the awesome honor of attending passion 2011 in atlanta with 19 of my college students and a few other staff.  i was NOT 15 years the elder of the youngest person there...
i DO NOT want to kiss beth moore, francis chan, louie giglio, john piper, andy stanley and so many others for bringing the gospel to make jesus famous and not themselves.  dude, they have it.  they really have it.
i DID NOT find sofia in the buff dancing around {see a pattern?} saying, "i don't have my clothes on!  i don't have my clothes on!"

we DID NOT celebrate new years eve with some awesome folks...and i was NOT dead by almost 9pm for some reason.  we DID NOT have a blast just chilling out and talking all night.
brooke was NOT driving her remote control car around the house while she was on the toilet...she DID NOT think it was uber funny to run the car into people and for them not to see her.

on new years eve, when i told jada she needed to toast with someone, then sip and move on, she DID NOT say, "what's the point in that? i mean, why can't i just drink it all?  it's mine, right?"

i have NOT gotten to totally hang out with so many of my college students while they were home for was NOT awesome!!!  and did i mention that they were almost all serving the homeless along side us on christmas morning??
i DID NOT sleep through my alarm on saturday morning to take a load of my student impact students to the andy project.  i am NOT totally humiliated and angry with myself.  grrrr....

i DID NOT watch one of my fav students ever fall down 3 steps at passion, laugh and walk the other way asking if anyone knew her.  i would NEVER do that...that would be a bad leader.

i DID NOT look at my twitter feed to see that during ryan's bball game she was twittering interesting dog facts on my account.

brooke DID NOT lose her tooth while vomiting with the flu.  when i asked how that happened, she said, "i was just puking and BAM, it flew out. amazing."  ewwwww.

i DID NOT find a pair of boys whitey tighties in my couch while cleaning after christmas...i DID NOT get giggly when i saw the little wall-e's...which i knew belonged to my nephew.

i DID NOT just find sofia eating a bag of white chocolate chips from the pantry...when i walked around the corner, she DID NOT stuff a handful in her mouth!  she is NOT a big old stinker!