Tuesday, May 06, 2014

when there's no longer 6...

as a parent, i always have known and strived for my children to grow up and leave for college and be on their own.  and i've been at this point now for almost a year, as p began her college career in august.

there's something weird, still about having only 5 of us when we do the "family" things we always do.  vacation this year was a time of amazing peace...but a piece of me was lost.  the beach wasn't quite the same without fun, chatty times with my pig.  i had my bff karen, which i wouldn't have traded for the world, but i didn't have pig.

i just edited our family shoot that we do every year at the beach and it hits me...we are just 5, plus one at college.  

i'm not sure why that's such a big deal or why it takes the beach pic to show me, but times are a changing.  and sometimes, it's changing quick.  i know it's for the best...she's doing amazing and becoming a responsible adult and living life...

...but sometimes, i just want the 6 of us.