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Doing what she sees...

In  helping Daddy build a deck for the grill, she puts the pencil behind her ear and says, "This is where this goes."
Oh how they watch more than we can ever imagine.

Pillow Case Dress

I did it...I made my first pillow case dress!  
It's a test run for the dresses I'm doing for the girls for our Florida trip with JMJF.  (We are planning to do another set of cousin pics...cause they are so stinking cute!)
Brooke's only problem with the whole thing?  I should have used pink ribbon, not orange because orange is not one of her favorite colors.  Ooops.

Summer time fun

Knee hi to...

...her Daddy!

Sofie is getting to big. Okay, some may say not so big, but she has come a long way!!

My Baby is in AZ

I can't believe I did it...Paige flew out yesterday to AZ by herself.  And, she survived!!!
Right before she left, we took a pic and she happened to be holding Sofie.  Then, normal stuff happened:

Sofie had a "toot"...

And we laughed!!!
I already miss Paige, but I'm glad she's visiting family.

more happy couples

It's official....Blake and Abby got engaged this weekend!!!!  
We are sooooooo happy for them and pray for wisdom and guidance in their future marriage. 


It starts with the study...(she totally gets that from Ryan)
Then it moves to the action...(that's all me)
End it all with a squeal of delight for accomplishment!  (that's everyone!)

Look Alike

Ok, the facial expression and the "look"...
These two are so much alike.  I think it's soooo cute!

Ride like the wind

Brooke loves to ride her bike...
and you have got to love the outfit she puts together to ride.  Oh my...

Badge of Honor

TP is not always used in the toilet... and I think it's funny !
High school ministry is a funny thing...sometimes  you never know if you make a difference.  But when you get tp'd by students, you know they love you!
So, we'll take it as a badge of honor...proudly.

Charles Bud McMahon, Grandpa, Pop

A good man, in love with his wife... ...8 kids ...27 grandkids ...32 great grandkids
We'll miss u Grandpa.

Artistic creations by Paige

So when the summer time gives way to freedom, Paige grabbed the camera and shot these beautiful pics.  She's so so many ways.

chillin out, relaxing...

Well, in the midst of all our "movement" and action, we chilled out...

Sweet Sofia's...

No really, her sweet little nose and lips...
and with it comes her sweet little slobbers. :)

Paige's year end party 2008

Yes, we survived...and so did they!   shaving cream
slip and slide
fire pit...even in the 96 degree heat
silly string
boys and girls
junk food Summer Fun!!!

Take time to smell the flowers...

While waiting on the summer school bus...Brooke stops to to smell the roses.  sweet.
oh, and thanks to Nana for the new pretty dress!

Chillin' at the park...


Brooke got a filling the other day (2 actually) and I was moving the tv toward her so she could see better.  I accidentally hit the tv/video input and the screen went blank.
I said, "I'm sorry Brooke.  Mom's a dork."
"Mom, you're not the dork in the family.  Dad's the dork in the family."
Now that's a good kid.

Uh oh...

From this...


I'm really proud of my brother, Jeremy

Jeremy was terrified to be a parent...but he has done a fantastic job.  He is a great Dad...and he desperately loves Shelby.  Who couldn't...would you look at that sweet little face?
She's my only niece...and I love her very much.  But, I don't think I'll ever be able to love her more than her Daddy.
Good work, Jeremy.  Good work.

Clowning around in the Mc Fam

There's nothing like passing along something special from generation to generaton.   Dad and I were Cracles and Giggles for a long time...then Paige joined in as Sparkles.  The smallest of the group has now experienced Crackles.
Some of my fondest memories are from that clown ministry.  And it brings me joy knowing all of my girls have seen, loved and experienced Crackles the Clown.