Saturday, June 27, 2015

Crazy eyes

One of the best things about Zeus is his utter disregard for being left alone. He isn't a formal therapy doc, but was bought with the intent of being a therapy for b. 

I think he has worked out very well. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beach People

I just had a very scary convo...Sofia said, "I would really like to go to the mountains and hike."  

Where have I gone wrong?  Beach people. That's what we are. No bears at the beach!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

when there's no longer 6...

as a parent, i always have known and strived for my children to grow up and leave for college and be on their own.  and i've been at this point now for almost a year, as p began her college career in august.

there's something weird, still about having only 5 of us when we do the "family" things we always do.  vacation this year was a time of amazing peace...but a piece of me was lost.  the beach wasn't quite the same without fun, chatty times with my pig.  i had my bff karen, which i wouldn't have traded for the world, but i didn't have pig.

i just edited our family shoot that we do every year at the beach and it hits me...we are just 5, plus one at college.  

i'm not sure why that's such a big deal or why it takes the beach pic to show me, but times are a changing.  and sometimes, it's changing quick.  i know it's for the best...she's doing amazing and becoming a responsible adult and living life...

...but sometimes, i just want the 6 of us.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

a little baptism...

i've heard it said that there's nothing more wonderful or reassuring in life than knowing that your children have chosen Christ. and i agree...we live in this world that is fallen and full of things that satisfy for the moment, but a life lived in Christ is one lived for His glory and is one that finds real fulfillment and joy.

i saw that the baptism of my jk and sofia.  and in the company of family and friends and our amazing church family, westfield horizon christian fellowship.  and since we're still worshipping  in the school, we did a little baptizing in the old hot tub on the deck.

we started with praising God for His Son, Jesus...and praying for our kiddos.  what a great gift.

and then you can see for yourself what was next...

dead to sin and alive in Christ...

and then there was simply celebration with the kiddos who had chosen to be baptized.  what a great joy and amazing time to see God working in the kids hearts.

so, today, we praise God for all He is...for all He has already done...and say Thank You for the battle is already won and we are simply redeemed by His grace and not of ourselves.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Brooks Bridal Shower

i had the absolute best time shooting Brittany Brooks' bridal shower...we've known the family for many years and being able to be part of this was just amazing.

miss christi did not leave a page unturned when it came to details...hello pinterest!  in love!


IMG_6427    IMG_6426

IMG_6439 IMG_6436IMG_6440


and then...there was a prop station for the photos!!!!

then came the food...and oh my, was it delicious! make your own mimosa's and coffee mocha punch. delish!
IMG_6459   IMG_6463

IMG_6477    IMG_6478


then the food part...yummo!
  IMG_6484 IMG_6488


IMG_6482    IMG_6470  

there's a lot of fun that happened at this party for sure

and gifts...

and for the guests...chocolate covered coffee beans.  so amazing...


happily ever after started with this shower for sure.  congrats brittany!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

growing up is hard to do...

since i'm getting over being a mom to an adult child now, i'm ready to remind myself i'm not that old...and remember i still have my 3 little ones {which may or may not make me feel older}.

 b is almost 10 here's a glimpse into her life today...b is hilarious.  plain and simple: hilarious.  quick witted and funny...

she adores animals more than almost anything else, other than much so that she has been a vegetarian since she could speak.

the 2 major loves of her life: Oliver Joseph Poops-a-lot and Zeus...our bunny and dog, who both deserve a medal of honor for what they do with and for b and her ASD.

oh yea, she's on the spectrum.  b is autistic...and in special schooling and lots of counseling for life skills, but most of all, b is loving and kind and caring and a free spirit.

who doesn't love a kid that can start a "pile on dad" at 7am with her sisters and giggle through it all!

most of all, she's my b.  i love that crazy look that says "i love you" in a way that no one else can understand.  i love her everything about her...and it scares me that i'll have to someday plan for her to leave home too.  because it was only a blink when p was 10 and i thought she'd never be going off to adulthood.

in the car the other day, we were discussing p going off to school and sof said, "i'm growing up to be a doctor."  jk said, "i'm going to france to be a chef."  and b says, "i think i'll just stay around the house and help mom and dad.  heaven knows they need it."

that's my b...