Thursday, April 11, 2013

it's an all out alert! it's happening!

holy cow...

it is happening despite all the times i have sworn it wouldn't...she's graduating!  it's official bc the school is planning a graduation service!

i was partially aware...don't get me wrong, but i thought we'd just enjoy all the senior nights up to now, eat some cake and she'd still be hanging tight next year.

but she's graduating!

see, there's a small problem...i love having p around.  she's actually fun to be with.  i love kids when they get to be all can have the diaper years!  give me a teenager and that's some good, old fashion fun!

but i regress...we must continue on my's our final senior night coming up.  baccalaureate is planned.  graduation is planned.  and we are organizing the open house.

when i was taking her senior pics, you would think that would have been a clue.  nope.  just another senior shoot.

but the last college visit...and the "finding a roommate" deal...that was it.  it's final!

i guess i will survive...i mean, my parents did and their parents before them.  although i'm certain that p is a way better kid than i was.

so, pray for me...i can't be this old.  SHE can't be this old.  wow.  not a kid.  a woman.