Friday, October 21, 2011

me in real life

i'm a real mom...i'm a real friend...and i'm a real person.

what you see is pretty much what you get.  would i like my house to be perfect and my kids clothes to be stain and rip free? sure...but that's just not reality in this life.

when my friends call, do i call them back?  yes...but it can be weeks bc you never know if there's meltdowns or psych appts or therapy or just life that gets in the way of having a single second of free time to make a simple call.

it's the life of me.  i'm tired most of the time.  i shower when i can get everyone everywhere and have time, so sometimes it's not until 2pm.  i work out simply because i have to...and it's the one point of stress relief i have in life at this point.  i don't have much "fancy" left in me...i wish i did, but i don't most days.

but hubs, well, he loves the fancy he'll date me.  yep...this is where you get jealous!

and when we go out, i have to wear non-hoody.  {these are things i will never understand...i mean, i pull of a killer hoody and jeans}.  i can rock a skirt and heels...the one great part of me is my legs, so girl, i rock them when i got 'em!

IMG_9640 (2 of 2)

hubs grabbed a shot bc he wanted to show me "how good" i looked.  thus, the amazing sarcastic face i'm making.

it occurs to me, though, that this is it.  crap all over the place, nothing in  order and me...right in the middle of it, trying to make it!

it's not awesome.  it's not glamorous, but it's real life.

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Meaghan said...

LOVE the shoes!