Thursday, October 06, 2011

too big

it's a hard time to be a mom...especially when your baby girl is 16, a junior and dating a nice boy.  

homecoming was last week...and the dance...and me and hubs thinking about doing this with 3 more girlies...and a glass of wine.

for now...i think i will just lock her in the house and not let her go anywhere.

how do you think that will work?


Kimmy said...

Wow! Ya know, I'm actually not looking forward to when my daughter get's to be that age. 7 more years but I know full well those 7 yrs are coming faster than the past 9 yrs. :o(

Anonymous said...

I'm there with you now as J is a junior, 16 and boys are hunting her down. It's scary, but we were once there as well right? Good grief!! lol