Monday, October 17, 2011

an apple a day...

i was informed by the dr. sofia daisy that my baby, "kayla", needed some really serious help.  she had just seen her in her office and she discovered the following:
  • kayla had a bad attitude
  • kayla had spent quite a bit of time not listening and choosing to do the wrong things even when she knew the right thing to do
kayla, worst of all, did not get any bubbles at the end of the appointment because of the choices she had made.
2011-10-06 10.03.50

sofia told me that she had things i needed to work on before our next appointment...and can you see that stinking list!?!

she handed me "kayla", my cell phone, the notes and my bill.
2011-10-06 12.33.39

i then was met by the secretary, jada, who required my money before i was allowed to leave. she gave me a bill...(i love love love that the first word is "cost").

2011-10-06 10.17.45

so in the end, i'm thinking that all the time we have spent at doctors, psychiatrists and counselors has changed us all.  and it has shown itself...maybe not in the ways you would expect, of course.

well, at least they were listening...right?

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He & Me + 3 said...

I hope that your baby "kayla" changes her ways before the next office visit :) What a fun play date you had with your girls.