Thursday, October 13, 2011


it sucks.  i'm just going to be honest.  autism diagnosis sucks.

it's nothing we didn't already feel before the appointments, but hearing it, like FOR REAL, well, it sucks.

it sucks not because it's hard, but because your daughter is not any different of a person than before the diagnosis.

b face

but the real sucks.

new doctors, new therapists, and more "labels".

it kinda seems like people simply see "autism" and not brooke any more. so here's what i want you to know...

when you walk into a grocery store and you are brooke, you see lights flashing all over the place, you see swirling colors and hear clanging wheels and carts that sound like cymbals in your ear when she melts down and asks to ride on the bottom of the grocery cart in a ball with her hands over her ears and hoody over her head, please don't make a big deal of it and tell me she needs to learn how to deal with structure.


live my life...or better yet, live brooke's life...before ever saying one "helpful" word to us.  you have no idea how bedtime can take 3 hours or how a 5 minute car ride to school can make or break an entire morning because the radio came on when the car started and it sets her off.

2011-06-24 16_wonder (1 of 1)

am i venting or being bet.  because my daughter is not an autistic child.  my daughter is brooke.  a girl who has more compassion in her finger than most people do in their bodies.  a girl who has amazing talent of remembering every single spoken word.  a girl who can relate to animals in a very dr dolittle kinda way.  a girl who has the sweetest smile and can hug tighter than almost anyone in the world.  she's a girl who stands up for what she believes and just doesn't care if you don't like the funky way she dresses.

IMG_8295 (1 of 1)

does b have autism?  yes. 

does it define who she is and who she will be.

absolutely not.


Princess Sarah said...

She's cute though she she has autism, it doesn't matter, she's created for a purpose.

His Unfailing Love

Jen said...

I want to stand and clap for you. This post is amazing.

And B is one awesome little girl.

Anonymous said...

you know how I feel about labels as I was labeled "cripple" most of my life. All I've ever seen was B. She's beautiful and I SO applaud your words!!!

Kimmy said...

I agree with you! I grew up hearing people make fun of and tell my brother he couldn't do stuff just because he has clubbed hands and only 4 fingers and each of them. I don't see that when I look at my brother. I see him! It makes me mad! I pray that B gets treated like a little girl, a bright, beautiful, curious, sweetheart of a girl!!

Mummy Butterfly said...

I sooo know how you feel, my princess was diagnosed in nov 2011.
It broke my heart...not because she was any different, she's my pride and joy...but because of the fact she will start school in September with a label. Kids can be cruel sometime and I will worry about her all the time.

Your daughter is a wonderful little girl who's lucky to have you as a mommy