Wednesday, February 09, 2011

that poor zeus

brooke loves zeus with every ounce of her body...and that poor dog is so good to her.  he lets her dress him up with not a single growl or stink. 
 even when it's like a princess...and the poor dog is a male.  he does have a look of concern, i have to admit.

dancing on the {table} stage, he fits right into the show.
the other day, brooke brought her backpack up to our room and told us to look inside at what she had special inside for us.  i thought it was art or some paperwork from school...nope.

it was zeus...and he looked concerned, but still just sat there with that zeus-like look.
i prayed for friends that would love and care for brooke exactly where she is in life...and we have some of that.  and we def have a bf for  her...and it's def zeus.
dont get me wrong, the dog def needs some "please help me" time...and he gets plenty of that too...i'm sure if he could talk {and brooke says he does to her}, that he would tell us that things are pretty darn good.

oh and zeus is a cavachon {cavalier king charles daddy and a bichon momma}...just in case you were wondering!

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Furry Bottoms said...

I love the look on Zeus's face! At first I thought he was a Coton DuTear-- my sister has one and he looks just like Zeus, but I read further down and found out he was a cavachon. What a sweet face!!!

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