Thursday, February 24, 2011

if i had a dream it would be...

dreams are an amazing thing to when brooke brought home a piece of art she had created with her dream for our family, i had to ask the rest of the girls too.

paige's dream for the fam:
"spring break right now. beach. pool. done."

jada's would be:
"i wish i could be a cheerleader and then the whole family would come and cheer me being a cheerleader."

sofia's would be:
"i would be  candle."
me: why??
sofia: "because ...ummmm...why not?"

brooke's...well, it's in picture form.
2011-02-08 22.45.41
and if you completely understand what this means, let me know.  i'm wondering if it's for all of us to grow long ears, walk on all fours and smile all the time...but who knows!


Jen said...

Or maybe she just wants to add more furry family members to your bunch. :)

Elizabeth said...

That just brightened my day! Love all of their responses...and your comment on Brooke's picture about made me spit out my coffee laughing!

Brittany said...

i'm with paige, warmth sounds great right now!
i heart that picture of miss jada. sweet:) Pam said...