Monday, February 07, 2011

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

hubs was NOT in san juan, puerto rico, beach side, while me and the girlies were NOT back here in the snow mecca during 3 winter storms in 3 days.

i DID NOT go sledding down the 4" inch ice covered driveway with only a small plastic disk between me and imminent death.  i DID NOT scream like a baby with joy in the speed and spinning that happened.  my neighbors DID NOT look outside at me wondering why i was sledding and the kids were watching.

 i DID NOT start this post at 11:32 this morning and just now at 8:14pm get back to try and do something with it.  i have NOT had a super busy day.

i DID NOT have the basic talk with b about boys and girls.  she DID NOT say to me, "mom, i get it.  i have private parts. so do boys. i will NEVER EVER touch them on a boy, not even when i'm married. it's gross. can we move on now?"

zeus DID NOT absolutely refuse to go potty outside in the ice covered tundra of this place we call home.

sofia DID NOT listen to my heart on her stethoscope and say, "uh oh mom.  this is not good.  i think your heart is dying. we should do something about that."

sofia DID NOT receive a "call" on her princess phone from her "boyfriend" while we were waiting at the doctor's office for paige's appointment. she DID NOT say, "mom, my boyfriend said i'm suppose to come to his house and watch a game or something and then there be a party. can i go?"  i DID NOT look at paige and say, "and you don't think she listens to every work that comes out of your mouth!"

brooke DID NOT say to my mom on the phone, "nana, it's true.  i'm reading zeus's mind and it's saying, "i totally miss you nana.  i want you to come home now." "

jada DID NOT get a real hair pony tail, which DID NOT fulfill every dream she has had in the hair world since i can remember.  the pony tail flips and she can twist it and i think she does NOT look 5 years older in it...and a little too sassy.

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