Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sofia is what??

where has all the time gone??  i mean, we started this blog when sofia was in utero to keep everyone updated on her progress...and mine.  how in the world has that been three years ago??

well, it has...and our sweet little 3 pounder has grown up to be a spunky, smart, chatty, ever moving 21 pounder at 3 years old.

how do they go from this...

to this full grown little tidbit of full blown energy??

the Lord has certainly blessed us with way more than we could ever have imagined...sofia in and of herself was a pure miracle.
{infertile...i scoff at your "infertile" words...at almost 40, pre-menopausal and very, very surprised}

so happy bday {like a week or more late} sofia...you are treasured, you are loved...and your mom has too much on her plate and you being the 4th kiddo get all the cuddles right now, but the late birthday post on the blog!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!