Friday, January 28, 2011

mmmmm....baking time

one of the best things about having little girlies is that they LOVE to help in the kitchen and baking is the master of bonding mommas and kids world round!

i'm certain that in jada's adult life, food prep will be involved.  this girl loves food and anything meticulous {which i hate} she loves to do in the kitchen!

brooke is the "engineering" mind in the kitchen...why does this work this way and how many cookies can i fit on this roll out.

and sofia...well, she's the cute end of the deal who just eats.

we prepped and baked...and laughed along the way...

they did a really great job...i mean, wow!

and jada says, "mom, take my picture with the cookies because i am the best cooker in the world and i want to remember it."

and in typical form, my blood sugar went low, hubs popped in at the end to help and he got in the pics with the girlies.

so much fun!!!  and i love that in spite of us not being gourmets, we make the best rolled cookie dough cookies in the world.

oh, you don't believe me?  just ask jada!

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Elizabeth said...

My kids love to 'help' in the kitchen too. I am determined to do their future wives a favor and teach them how to cook. I don't think my hubs knows where the kitchen is!