Thursday, January 27, 2011

her wish

me: jada, if you had one wish right now...what would it be?

jada: hold on mom, i will show you all of it.
me: how do you show a wish?
jada: just wait...
{she scampers off in the other room...rumbles are heard..paper is being crunched}

me: honey, what are you doing?
jada: i'm making you my wish.  you will have to wait.

{more crumples...then the refrig opens...the silverware drawer and the pantry open}
all i can think is...this is NOT going to be good.

i hear a toilet seat pop up in the bathroom...
me: sofia, is that you in the bathroom?
jada: nope, that's me.
me: aren't you working on your wish?
jada: yeah.
me: but in you are in the bathroom.
jada:  of course, mom!

she re-enters the room...proudly holds her hands out and says, 
"this is my wish".

it was this...tuna fish, in a can.

then she says, "oh, this is really fish, right mom?  because that is my one wish.  to eat fish.  can we eat fish?  i mean, the fish in the can.  what's it called again?"

wow...that's a kid who loves food.  one wish and she goes for the generic store brand tuna fish.

she's really embracing the new budget.  good kid.


Gaik Ling said...

Cute girl, i simple wish is good :) at least easir for you to make it come true for her :)

Kimmy said...

That is too adorable!!!

But the one thing I can't over because I feel I have lost time from being absent, is the fact your girls just seem to be growing up so fast! I can't believe how grown they all look. Beautiful family!!

Mamarazzi said...

omg she is precious! what a face and what a personality to go with it. killer combination!!

it was so fun to hear from you on my blog today. i have recently recommitted to following every person who comments on my blog back to theirs to leave a little love. so happy you stopped by and prompted this visit!!

Anonymous said...

that is to cute!

Elizabeth said...

Jada is too cute! Don't you wish it were always that easy to make them (and us) happy. Glad to see you back to posting.