Monday, November 15, 2010

not me monday...month

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do the last, well sadly, month...

sofia DID NOT have a snotty nose, start blowing a snot bubble and notice all the adults around were utterly grossed out.  the snot bubble DID NOT get larger and then smaller...and when the "oooouuuuueeewwww" got loud, she DID NOT turn around, smile a huge smile and lick it with her tongue on the bottom of the bubble and giggle as loud as she could.  she is NOT a handful!

i have NOT been super busy with photography and have NOT been uber happy with all the awesome fams i've met.  it has NOT been so much fun to add to the family with income again after soooo long!

while working out with my trainer, dawn, sofia was NOT playing fetch with her dog, muffin...when muffin returned the ball, sofia DID NOT put her foot on top of the ball, look right in muffin's eyes and say, "what do you think about that one now, mr. wagster?"  i DID NOT proceed to spit my entire mouth of water across the room.

brooke DID NOT master all of her sight words with a new process the special ed teacher has been using, along with us and her adds tactile cues and sign language.  i DID NOT do a happy dance for b when she got them all...and we DID NOT celebrate huge!

jada DID NOT pray outloud that God would forgive our sins and for us "making the worst choices ever that land us in our rooms."

paige DID NOT have a few weeks softball free...she DID NOT sleep all the flipping time and prep up for a big season that is yet to come.

we DID NOT eat at yogi's at IU's campus this last weekend...i was NOT served my diet coke in a pitcher with a straw.  i DID NOT almost tear up with joy and admiration of an establishment that understood the need for diet coke served properly!

sof DID NOT say to her pretend bf on the broken cell phone, "boyfriend was being nasty to me mommy."  She DID NOT get back on her princess cell and tell him 'hey boyfriend, you respect me or I punch you.'

sofia DID NOT pee and poop on the froggy potty...and hubs DID NOT leave it there whilst i was at a photo shoot.  when i returned home, i DID NOT ask why zeus was scouring in the potty...i was NOT told "no worries, zeus has cleaned it all up...but oh, man, sick, gross! {insert gag} zeus ate the turd!  he ate the turd!!"
paige DID NOT ask all day "do you think zeus has pooped the poop yet?"

while we were reading "lazarus get up", sofia DID NOT ask why he died and then came back to life.  i DID NOT explain that it was a miracle that jesus performed.  brooke DID NOT say "well, i guess he learned his lesson.  he should have gotten a flu shot."

sof DID NOT ask to call nana and ask her a question..."nana, can you please buy me all the toys i see on tv that are fun?"

when i sent sofia to her room for a nap, for the 3rd time, she DID NOT slam the door and say, "mommy, you are a big, fat meany head."  re-open the door, slam door. re-open the door. slam door.  i DO NOT have my hand full with a 2 1/2 year old, strong willed child.

jada DID NOT say to sofia, 'if you don't eat your chicken or share, then santa puts you on the naughty list. and that is REAL LIFE sofia."

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