Friday, November 05, 2010

face first

sofia has a few major loves in her life.
mommy and daddy {i mean, like we are SOOOO cool}
mickey mouse
and donuts...
{i also add screaming and calling her sister's names, but we're focusing on the good stuff for now}

you have to love a girl who just goes all out on what she likes...

sofia lives for donuts...i mean, like i'm pretty sure she dreams about eating them at starbucks...the old fashion donuts, that is.  no stinking little baby cake donut for her!

...and i mean, the girl knows how to enjoy the flipping donut!
i'm gonna go face first into the icing {or cup} on my coffee...i'll def not be posting that picture, btw.

1 comment:

Frizzy and Bird said...

Too cute! I bet she wants to give you a big sloppy kiss after eating them too right?!