Tuesday, November 30, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...

i DID NOT return the bb flip hubs got and and replace it with a super fab samsung galaxy android phone...hubs is NOT super jealous of all it does and i am NOT, for the very first time, the leader in phone technology in the fam!

while on potty break with finn, rowan and sofia, sofia DID NOT discover that boys {or at least finn} are made a little different.  she DID NOT yell at him for standing up and trying to pee, saying "you will make a big mess.  sit down!!!"  finn DID NOT stare at her like she was crazy and take his time.

my life is NOT more complete with a "find a starbucks" app on my phone...where the locators are grande starbucks cups.

i DID NOT decide to take 4 children {2-2 year olds, a 12 month old and a 7 year old} to the OT office on monday.  we DID NOT clear the waiting room playing legos and police.  i was NOT exhausted after just keeping tabs on who was where and who was eating what.  i DID NOT love every single second, though, of having awesome time with my nephews, finn and rowan.

brooke DID NOT barf when her birth brother, jordan, spit up on her.  she was NOT gagging for minutes...we were NOT all laughing at her.

i DID NOT find a completely buff sofia in the kitchen saying, "i put my poopy in the potty mommy"...from that, i DID NOT go searching for the lost pull up and poo.  i DID NOT find a pile 'o poo next to the toilet, in the hallway and in the toilet...with the pull up sitting closeby.  when i asked, sofia DID NOT say, "mommy, you said to put the poopy in the toilet, not in my diaper.  i did that. {insert greasy grin}".  my potty training skills are NOT being taxed by one, little miss sofia.

my hubs DID NOT randomly send me a fab love letter declaring his love for me and our family.  i DID NOT get all giggly thinking about how happy i am that he's so hot and thoughtful all wrapped into one package.  i am NOT the luckiest girl in the world...

i DID NOT take out of the house at 930pm on thanksgiving to head to toys r us for a killer deal on pillow pets {with hubs, meaghan and jon} to find a line about 200 yards long in the freezing weather with a wind like 25 mph.  we DID NOT drive around giggling at the people who would stand in line to save $30 then head to a warm mc d's for diet cokes and sweet teas.

we DID NOT try very , very hard to do a large ehaus fam portrait.  we DID NOT have a very hard time getting 6 little ones under 7 to do what was needed...and it was NOT worse getting the adults to do their thing.  brooke and/or jack DID NOT have their tongue out in every single picture we took...i am NOT frustrated that my own fam {as a photographer} can't seem to get a decent picture!

my student impact girls bible study was NOT flipping amazing...we DID NOT stand in the kitchen at the rock, chat, drink coffee and hot chocolate and laugh and just "BE" together.  it is NOT amazing to see the work of God in the very small things in life.

i DID NOT design a new and improved dhaus photography logo...i am NOT hoping it's fun and amazing...and NOT eye catching or memorable, of course.

i DID NOT have to pay $50 {as a photographer} for mildly crappy and corny preschool pics bc jada DID NOT lose her picture package.  it was NOT discovered 3 days after the last due date to be located in her friends backpack.  why you ask...well, simple...because "mia is my best friend and i wanted her to have all my pictures."  well, mia, hope you enjoyed them...and jada, thanks for sharing, but seriously!  $50!!!

the pharmacist DID NOT say, "oh my, you are back again today?" i am NOT sick of all the ickys and sickies!  i DO NOT want a de-germinator in this house and county!

my nephew, finn, DID NOT call me mommy...and i DID NOT say, "finn, i'm auntie d, not mommy."  he DID NOT reply with "i know that, but for now, i think i will just call you mommy.  it's easier."  he is NOT 2 years old!!

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