Thursday, December 17, 2009

the eye's have it...

paige is in photography class...which i love...and she just finished a project on eyes. i had to share these fun and amazing shots with you...

boys eyes are right eyes, girls are left...and she's mounting them side by side making 5 sets. i think that is totally awesome!

remember krystal...yep, this is her eye! look at the colors!
and my jada...funny how a brown eye only looks brown until you see it up close.
and the fab miss brooke...can you say BLUE?
i'm boring...yep, just brown and really in need of a touch up on the eye brows in this shot!
{right after i saw it, i did a touch up...i promise!}
miss sofia takes the blue to an all new level!
who knew that eyes could be tie dyed...this is matt from our youth group!
ok, this is a little freaky, but this is josh, paige's boyfriend. orange and green...hmmm.
and then ryan...i can't believe how gorgeous his eyes even all can totally be jealous of me!
i'm proud of her...this is good work! yeah paige!
have a happy thursday peeps...hubs returns from his trip tonight so that makes it a fab night!!


lori said...

I have a photographer in my house as's sooooo cool to watch what they discover about themselves! She's getting quite I have to catch up!

It's funny...everyone TALKS about "changing Christmas" but when you tell them to donate money they say, "come on really, what do you want?" I have had this chat with my mom...she doesn't believe me:) I want to give it all away...make a difference somewhere, somehow...

I'm with ya sistah!

Merry, Merry to you and yours!

love the eye project!


He & Me + 3 said...

Very cool. I think the eyes are amazing in pictures. I totally focus on them.

Michelle said...

Kudos to Paige, she did a great job.

Peterson Family said...

Those are great! She did an amazing job!

Carrie said...

That's an awesome project! I love it!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Yay, you made it through the week. Love the eyes! Very interesting!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Wow - gorgeous!

Michelle said...

wow those are some great eye shots! I loved the 'tie-dyed' one!