Thursday, January 12, 2012

a little giving

one of the deepest passions i have in life is serving the homeless.  it all started back in 2009 on a mission trip in NYC where we spent 10 days handing out water and snacks to people on the streets for nothing.

people were so hardened they most often would choose to ignore it or refuse to accept a free's a very clear image of grace, actually.  god gives us his grace's just there, but we have to choose to accept it and act on it.

when we all came home from NYC, the students started a not for profit called "the andy project"...and it's going wayyyy strong.  here we are 4 years later and every 2nd and 4th saturday, like 50 people head to indianapolis to love and serve the less fortunate.

my student ministry, student impact of westfield, bring an entire trailer full of clothing, blankets, coats, hats and gloves for families...and we bring along students who just want to serve.   {and the fam comes along some of the time too!!  but always on christmas}

one of the best ways we serve is just being a friend.  i have this amazing friendship with myra, that has developed over the years.  there are so many stories to be told...lives that change and circumstances that bring people to a place where they need help...but in the end, everyone just wants to love and be loved.  we all want validated.  {i mean, i love ethos woman...she's so amazing.  taking care of her 12 grandkids, working and still smiling}



so heavy on my heart today were my homeless friends.  it's snowing and windy and cold for the first time in a few weeks.  please remember them in your prayers...they are the least of these...and it's always a joy to serve them!

don't just think about serving this year...just do it.  and do it well.  happy 2012.

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Latonya said...

This has recently been on my heart. Thanks for being a reminder to Just Do It!