Friday, March 18, 2011

the real house...the real win.

i'm not sure if it's the long winter or that there's just 6 of us in this house, but it's a flipping mess...always!

i get frustrated when i look around...bc as soon as i clean up, there's another mess.  i mean, i have some really awesome "helpers"...but as you can see, there's some ba-junk-da-junk that could use a cleaning up.

i'm having a hard time this morning being really upset about it...because i'm rejoicing in finding my "fountains" or strength in what matters.  passion 2011 rocked my i mean, rocked my world...and the CD just released {with me singing off key in the crowd} and i'm praising God along with Chris Tomlin and 3000 other peeps to "all my fountains"...and i'm feeling the joy, man.

and then i turn around and i see the world i live in.  i mean, that's hard for me in the midst of this...

and this...

but in the end, what matters?  i'm really trying hard to keep that focus...ministry of late has been full of challenges.  my house is a wreck.  my kids are not listening...

and i remember, that's how satan gets to me.  he picks at what i SEE every minute of the day.  and it's in the unseen of Christ that really matters in the end.

because in the end...JESUS WINS.  i mean, that's what matters.  the dishes are piled, and the kids are playing naked babies in pillow cases in the great room...

but in the end...JESUS WINS.

romans 12:2..."do not conform to the pattern of THIS WORLD, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your MIND...then you will be able to test and APPROVE what GOD'S will is...his good, pleasing and PERFECT will."

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