Monday, March 28, 2011

Not me monday

A few things me and the fam did not do...

I DID NOT get the worst ear infection i had in years last week. I DID NOT have a ruptured ear drum and two ear infections with a sinus infection.

Sofia DID NOT randomly say on the way home from church, "i do like like broccoli, mom. Just so you know." I'm sure there was thought behind that, but its unclear to me.

We DID NOT have jada's 6th bday rockstar party saturday. There was NOT mommy juice for the adults so the 15 kids could be in check during karaoke and dancing and tattoos.

Brook DID NOT take an AR test for a book shes been reading and score 100%! It is not amazing to see her finally succeed at something in school and be just like the other kids.

Sofia did NOT pray this week in the car, "dear lord, thank u for basketball. And for yummy food and sometimes the rain. Amen".
Brooke: "would u look at the size of that weiner?" Jada: "did u say weiner?" Brooke: "yep! That weiner dog is precious!" Jada:"that is a great weiner dog!"

I did NOT make sofia go without shoes to the store because she did not put her shoes away and then couldnt find them in time to leave. I did NOT have at least 3 people tell me she was missing her shoes.


Kristy said...

Oh, no! Boo on ear infections!

Pam said...

your kids are hilarious! that sofia she looks way too small to have so many big things come out of her mouth!