Monday, March 07, 2011

not me monday

a few things that me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

sofia DID NOT come into our bedroom after being "asleep" for about an hour saying, "oh my goodness. i was totally asleep and a big tiger came into my room and licked me all over my face.  it totally waked-ed me up. sorry, mom."
2011-02-10 08.11.47
i DID NOT get one of the worst flu's in the world and have to stop roadside to puke on the way home from preschool pick up.

while we were eating dinner out thursday night, brooke DID NOT pull a colored pencil out of her boot when someone requested a color that was not part of the "coloring pack" at red robin.
i DID NOT have to report to jury duty this week and was NOT the only person there thrilled to be sitting in a quiet room where no one was asking me to wipe their butt, make them lunch or answer the same question 50 times.  i was NOT totally sad to get released from the jury pool...but was NOT instantly happy again thinking i was NOT able to get a hair cut bc child care was already taken care of for the day.

jk, sof and i DID NOT play outside all day on the one non snow and rain day that we have have in like forever.  we DID NOT sit in the sun and think 45 degrees was the most amazing temp ever!

i DID NOT get a call from b's teacher saying that she had requested her to "please just call my mom and straighten out this me going to my friends house after school thing.  i'm sure you just don't have all the information.  my mom has a lot of kids and she just forgets to do the right thing sometimes and send notes."
i DID NOT almost pee myself thinking of her saying that and then think how poor mrs perry had to not laugh when she had said it to her.

brooke DID NOT tell her teacher this week, "these kids are not listening.  i think they are all jacked up on mountain dew."

a few more things too...but i need more coffee to think of them.

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Elizabeth said...

Your not me Mondays are the best! Hope you are feeling better.