Thursday, December 16, 2010

tradition and fun

we love to decorate around these parts at christmas time...and there seems to be no lack of helpers, either!

but when my SIL meg {} comes from colorado to visit, there's even more help...and way more fun to go along with it!

it was a "new tree" look this year...and boy, was it fun!!!
it all started with my desire to have a tree that looked like the pink and green...and it took off!!!
walmart delivered with NON BREAKABLE ornaments that were super fab and cheap...spiced up a little with ribbon for hanging and...bazaam!

and then, the FAIRIES!!!!  oh my word...the fairies!!!!  thank you tj maxx!

there's always the "star" and how brooke fights to be the one to put it on...she won this year, again.  stinker.

and somehow, there's still not a single pic of me with the fam or the tree...such is life.
i did grab this super fab shot of the hubs...donning the garland.

i'm pretty happy with it...i dream of the day that i can decorate my house without the worry of zeus or the girlies trying to consume any part of the decor.  for now, i'll do with a cute tree in a vaguely decorated house.

good thing i love these girlies!
and they all rallied around for a volunteer awesome!

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A multi-dimensional life said...

What a fun post! I love sharing in your fun....and LOVE this song! :)
Thanks for the smiles!
Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!
I'll be back soon,