Tuesday, December 14, 2010

some sugar, some spice, but not all the same

i got to keep my awesome nephews for a few days...and lemme tell you, boys are so much different than girlies...but oh so cute!

i love how boys always start things in a more "normal" way...

but it just gets too boring...i mean, eating a snack while watching tv with your cousins and sitting in a chair SEAT is just too, well, normal.

so my finn...he just changes it up a little

seems perfectly reasonable...and don't you just love that sofia is trying to ham it up in every single pic??

another thing i learned having my 1 year old nephew, rowan, here...sofia is very clearly suppose to be the baby of the family.  she started in on "he not your baby mommy, i your baby."  
i mean, who wouldn't want to cuddle that little bundle?

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