Wednesday, December 01, 2010

the fun...continues

who knew 7 years ago our fam would look the way it does now?  i mean, it has changed so much...and with brooke's bmom, brit, having a baby boy, jordan, we have our boy!!!  
finally i get some little little guy time...and it's so special bc it's b's birth brother.  and brooke could not be more proud of him!!! {me too, btw}
i mean, i have to be the very best in the world faux grandma-auntie d in the whole world.  i mean, i don't really know what i'm called, but i do know this.  i am blessed.


Kimmy said...

OMG! Congrats!!!!

May you continue to be blessed :O)


Dysfunctional Mom said...

What a sweetie! Bless you all.