Wednesday, December 22, 2010

awesome friends and a dinner party

one of the best friends i have ever had in this life is my fav miss stacy...she's got the southern flair...and in indiana, it's hard to find!  she is a precious little gem in this world i live in...{she does avoid the camera like no other though}
for one...she makes the BEST derby pie you will ever eat.  i mean, knock you down and set you back, kinda derby pie.

for two...she's got her life in order.  i mean, not like everything done and perfect, but her life in order.  her lord is first...and it shows.  her girlies are awesome...the kind of kids you want your kids to be friends with.

three...well, she loves coffee.  loves to chat.  loves to think and create....and she's just a good friend.  

but the other day, i discovered one more thing i love about my friend, stacy...she can put on a dinner party like no other.

there were 4 couples...and stacy did it all up herself.  did we eat on paper or normal plates?  no way!  china!  real china!  all of us have little kids and haven't seen china in a while and  we were so excited!

we drank wine and ate some pre-dinner appetizers that she had made up...the snowman cheeseball was a HUGE hit!!

then, came the was a SODA theme. everything that was made was done with soda in it...and amazing!!

shrimp, avacado and grapefruit salad {with grapefruit soda}. recipe HERE.

dr pepper brisket...the sauce was to DIE for! like amazing. recipe HERE

there were mashed potatoes and glazed carrots that were somehow made with soda pop too!

oh, and a real soda bottle with syrups to made real sodas...i mean, over the top!!!

dessert was over the good, i didn't even take a picture bc i was eating it too fast!!  and of course, there were two!!!!

anyway, today, i'm thankful for my buddy stacy...she's not only super fun and a great friend, but a sister in christ that i'm really, really glad i get to share life with.
my only regret for the night...not taking pics of everything!  we all had such a good fun to be a real adult!

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