Monday, October 04, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

hubs DID NOT get a special little souvenir from our france was NOT a 50euro speeding ticket for 117 in a 100!

sofia DID NOT decide to help mop...she DID NOT make it into the hallway before i DID NOT figure out that the water on the mop was from the toilet.  our floors have NOT ever been mopped faster!

i DID NOT workout in the rain outside for my saturday boot camp for over an hour.  i DO NOT loathe being soaked in the rain.  and it was NOT only 50 some odd degrees either.

brooke was NOT telling me and brit {her bmom} a story on friday whilst in the middle she DID NOT scream "squirrel" and point and then continue right on.  it DID NOT prove to us that in fact she is NOT the dog from UP! in real life!

jada was NOT so tired from us playing before preschool that she DID NOT fall asleep on the 5 minute ride in the car TO preschool.

i DID NOT have an epic alarm failure on wednesday morn for my fav thing...student impact...i DID NOT wake up when there was 10 minutes left.  i DID NOT catch all kinds of slack from all the students.

the hot tub cover DID NOT come in after much anticipation.  we have NOT enjoyed the awesomeness of the hot tub almost every night since!!!  i am NOT still flipping out that java ate a hole in the cover that has successfully cost us $350!!!

hubs and i DID NOT get an espresso maker to enjoy doubles at home.  we have NOT been having espresso after dinner each night...and we have NOT been loving it!

brooke DID NOT ask me how me and hubs chose her to adopt this week.  when i told her the story she DID NOT say "well that's nice. where are we eating?"

while looking for shoes at the second hand store, sofia DID NOT pull out a sparkly red pair of princess looking shoes and scream, "oh my gosh! these are mickey's girlfriend's!  you know, minnie mouse's shoes!"  we DID NOT buy the shoes for $3!

sofia is NOT in a new "sing as loud as you can" phase.  when hubs asked her to quiet down a little, she DID NOT say, "dad, i singing to jesus. it's suppose to be loud."  hubs DID NOT decide she was right and let her sing her heart out.

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Meaghan said...

i think i'm always most shocked at b's pics. she looks SO OLD!! make her stop!