Friday, October 01, 2010

no school day...

the non-high school kiddos got wednesday off this week for teacher school means kiddos whining around about not having anything to do and fighting over the tv and who can go where.

enter my friend, stacy!!  she's awesome at little kid stuff...and the kids love it too.
so we all headed over to a park close-by where they have an active archeological dig and tons of trails.  

everywhere we walked, we were asking the girls if they could find stuff from the indians...and boy, did the creativity fly!!! limbs became canoe paddles, shells became food dishes, and the kiddos started really getting into it!

i'm not much of a history buff, but there is a ton of indian artifacts and they have uncovered saber tooth tiger teeth and wooly mammoth horns, which is pretty cool.

proving that kids are like their parents, jada's one question of the day after looking at the archeological finds....

"why would these indians break all their pretty stuff up and bury it in the ground. it just makes no sense."
yep...we learned a lot.  :)

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love the pics. Looks like a lovely day!