Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh the wonderful things you can do... francias

so there's a few things i know for sure after being in france.

they are smart...bc they totally understand the imperial, majestic quality of good coffee {espresso}.  i mean, any day you can start with a double shot of espresso in a fab ceramic micro mug with a croissant and fresh squeezed juice is FABULOUS!!!

the eating and drinking in france is an all together's not about speed and getting the whole thing's about the beauty of the establishment, the friendliness of the one waiter and one's about the perfectly fresh, made that day bread which is unmeasurably fantastic and we flipping need to do here in the states!!!

at this place, one of our favs on ile st-louis, an island of sorts in the middle os paris, was this fab german/french restaurant.  how many people work there?  2...the chef and the waiter...sometimes the chef's hubs shows up to clear or reset a table, but 2!
see the chef in the pic?  yep, we were sitting right on the other side of the serving bar.  she fresh cooks each dish as it's ordered.  ryan has beef bourguignon, and i had cĂ´telette d'agneau au four, baked lamb cutlets.
and of course, you see all those glasses, yep, we had us some wine and some apertifs and then, of course, coffee!

even a lunch that is considered "fast" takes an hour to eat...and boy, the food is so good, you WANT it to take an hour!!

and skimping on the style and decor
and you always get the view too!  ahhhh, the view!
it's just fun to have the whole dining experience.  we walked to and from dinner bc that's what you do.  the 45 minute walk is definitely a relationship builder and it makes the dinner more personal.  and the views of the streets along the way are just stunning...everywhere you look is more history, more beauty, something new you've never seen before.  it's just all part of taking the whole thing in.  awesome.
and it's also part of finding the place where you will have your drinks before dinner, bc, again, it's just what you do.  and i mean, who doesn't want to have happy hour in this place???
and at the end of the day, the meal is over, you and your lover are refreshed and renewed, you get to take the subway to la Tour Eiffel and sit in the park and enjoy the peace, the beauty, the awe and the twinkling.
i have a new fav place to be...and it's def in france with hubs.   more than amazing...more than peaceful...more than rebuilding...just plain awesome.

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carlotta said...

Loved this post! As one of my birthday presents (which is tomorrow...I literally found out about this an hour ago), I'm going to Paris next weekend! And now, after reading this, I'm even more excited to go :)