Monday, September 27, 2010

not me monday

a few things that me and fam DID NOT do this week...

paige DID NOT play in a softball tournament all day, head home and transform into a homecoming pretty lady saturday night.
austin and paige DID NOT look really cute...and me and hubs were NOT a little, well, WOW at how big our little girl has become.  i mean, sophomore!  really?!
ryan DID NOT have a convo with austin prior to him leaving with his baby girl...
sofia DID NOT start screaming when she discovered that she was not part of the dance...she DID NOT start wailing and chase the car down the court.
i DID NOT do 3 bootcamp workouts this week and a flipping spin class. my booty does NOT feel like i rode 327 miles on a bike.  i am NOT ready to have the body of a supermodel with all the work i put in.

brooke DID NOT kick open paige's bathroom stall door at bw's the other night.  b DID NOT giggle so loud that you couldn't hear paige's screams.

lipgloss can NOT solve the world's problems...i'm just saying that obama could really use some.  it makes the girlies smile, even when there's shots involved.
my girlies DID NOT teach me so much about the love of Jesus this week by just being them.  we DID NOT read john 14;1-14 and at the end, they all prayed. Sof said "Dear Jesus. Love. House. Never leave me. Not scared. Amen."  i DID NOT think that she totally got it!!!

sof DID NOT sport a total image while playing outside...she was NOT on a "conference call for a bible study" and i was not to "interrupt" her.

i am NOT feeling like i need more france...i am NOT baking all my bread fresh now and am turning into a julia childs, listening for the cracking.  and i DO NOT need more espresso and eiffel tower either...just saying.


Ashley T said...

Conference call? LOL Reminds me about my son and sending his "messages". LOL Your family is all too cute!

Kel said...

Lipgloss is not the best thing since slice bread (unless of course it's fresh bread) hehe

Happy Monday!