Tuesday, August 31, 2010

outside dining

i love the creative and imaginative minds of kids...i mean, i don't like the messes that come with the imagination.

sofia is all about imaginary everything right now...her babies are always crying and need food or diapers, there's always food to be cooked or prepared, and there's definitely a lot of cleaning to be done.
{i have no idea where she gets any of these ideas, btw}

the sandbox is a great place to hang out and get some outdoor cooking, and dining done! and when jada's home, she joins right in, bc she's the "cooker" in the fam!
when the bowls and spoons come out...there's entree's galore, and of course, starbucks to drink.

and two cooks in the outdoor kitchen...wow, there's food flying everywhere!

mixing and cutting...

filling and washing...measuring.

and the fun is always super duper messy...but it's all just FUN.


Jenny said...

I linked in from Kidz...and let me just say ~ Ah! First of all...your family is adorable. Jada reminds me so much of my daughter...HUGE smile, beautiful glowing skin, gorgeous eyes. Cute girl. AND...Jack Johnson, Harry Connick, and Mr. Blue Sky? It's official. I'm a fan of you my dear!:) Big fan.

Synergy Girl said...

I hear ya on the imaginations equalling messes...at least this one is outside!! Such cute pictures...and beautiful girls!!

RandomWonders said...

I love the imaginations of wee ones! So cute, thanks for sharing :)

Ally in Wonderland said...

Hi! I've been a serious lurker for awhile, but something happened and I had to share.

Ok, so promise you don't find this creepy....

But you showed up in my dream last night. Right, I. Was a little shocked too. I have been marveling at your faith lately and you showed up in my dream with all intentions to share your faith with me, only you brought your girls along and I got totally distracted with their cuteness. So DreamYou got mad at DreamMe for not paying attention and DreamMe felt really bad and bought you Starbucks to make it up to you.

Sorry if it's too creepy, but it made me giggle a little bit.

Over Caffeinated Mama said...

i hope you don't mind that i totally stole your pose to photograph my little niece.

i think i'm in need of our little blog Bible study, I'm going to have to get back into the study when I get to hawaii.

love the jack johnson music... my fav!

Toyin O. said...

Sounds fun.