Monday, August 16, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

baby jordan {b's birth bro} DID NOT poop in brit's hand while i was doing his photo shoot saturday.  he DID NOT proceed to pee TWICE all over the place either.
brooke DID NOT come and stand next to me at the end of the day, after the birthday party and say, "mom, i really loved the party and thanks.  dad said i had to come and say this and i was just trying to go to the bathroom.  so thanks, mom."

paige DID NOT harf her entire freezie drink right in front of her boyfriend on friday night...3 times!  she DID NOT have to miss the first day of travel tryouts on a team bc she was still harfing!!

brooke's birthday party was NOT simply a time for her friends to get together, play with zeus and each other, run around and scream and just be kids.  they DID NOT follow that chaos up by nailing a pinata with a broom handle and scavenging like wolves for the prizes inside.

sofia DID NOT come into our bedroom on friday night saying, "i am big girl. i eat food. drink juice. jordan...he a baby.  he can't eat real food."  it was NOT 12:30am when she had this revelation...

i DID NOT do the one thing a photographer NEVER does...i DID NOT delete a flash card without checking to make sure all the pics were downloaded.  i DID NOT delete all of b's birthday pics like a loser mom and NOT a pro photographer.  i {hubs} DID NOT have to do a file recovery and the files are NOT just fine now on the computer.  i am NOT an absolute idiot.

i DID NOT drive by "mr dan's hot dogs" and have a total flashback to childhood. i DID NOT text my dad and ask if we ate there to find out that we did...and dan DID NOT change the name in the 70s from gay dan's to his new name.  i DO NOT think he made a really good decision on that change.

jada DID NOT say "i really just need to do this alone with you, mom. i really think sofia just doesn't get it sometimes."

i DID NOT do a 3 hour a photo shoot in 100 degree weather of one of the cutest, sweetest girls ever! in spite of the heat, it was NOT one of the best shoots ever.
brooke DID NOT say to me, "jordan and i have even have the same looking breasts mom. that's amazing.  he's a boy and i'm a girl."  i DID NOT gaze into the sky thinking i had no idea what to say.

sofia DID NOT say "daddy, you the big daddy here" to hubs on sunday.  hubs DID NOT get a huge smile on his face on that one.

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Kristy said...

Sounds like it was a full weekend as always! And, full of bodily fluids just like any fun family!

Pam said...

never a dull moment!!