Monday, August 09, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...

ryan and i DID NOT play in our first co-ed softball game together in like 5 years.  i DID NOT realize that turning 41 was more than a number when i could not see the flipping softball coming at me.  i was NOT totally embarrassed that i stopped on a play bc i thought i was on the fence line and apparently i was NOT still in the middle of the playing field.  i am NOT ready to flipping redeem myself from the sucky horror of my playing skills last week, tonight, on the field again.
when asking brooke to jump in the shower, she DID NOT run out of the bathroom screaming, "shiver me timbers's freezing!!!"

i DID NOT have a big ole family shoot on sunday afternoon with one of the funnest and cutest 3 generation fams ever.  i was NOT laughing the whole time at little brady, 3, who totally gave me flowers for being a good photographer.  i am NOT considering adding that to my pro resume, btw.
sofia DID NOT decide she couldn't walk on saturday unless she had shoes on...when shoeless, she would stand and scream, "i bleeding on my feet. you come get me someone. i can't walk."  the injury seemed to NOT subside once we hit the park at nana's house and there was NOT a ton of running and playing.

at nana and papa's new house, i DID NOT totally make a challenge game for the girls to pick up all the fallen branches and put them into a mom was NOT surprised by my ingenious chore/game ability and NOT happy that the sticks were all in a single pile for her!
hubs and i DID NOT watch a red box that i picked randomly that was NOT the flipping most depressing movie ever...especially when i DID NOT pick it bc robin williams was in it and i DID NOT think i would laugh the whole time peeing myself...when in fact,  i DID NOT have this "what am i watching" look on my face.  it was NOT a good experience.
i DID NOT see the inside of the bburg starbucks 2 times in 5 hours and both times have chatty time with my fav college age group students/young adults about life and the decisions that need to be made.  i am NOT the most blessed person to be involved with them...and i am NOT way more blessed than what they think they are...bc they are NOT awesome!!!!

hubs DID NOT send me a text last night that said, "the cicada's are so loud that i can't even hear myself molting."  and i def DO NOT think he's a total dork.

brooke DID NOT become a bio big sis for the first time ever this week.  she DID NOT stand in awe of how "boney jordan's butt" was...and how cute he was.  she DID NOT say, "he's so stinking cute, i think i'm just gonna have to eat him right up mom!!"  brit, b's birthmom, is NOT totally amazing and doing fab...and she and jordan are NOT coming up this week for b's bday party and a few days overnight to chill as a newr, bigger fam!  and i def am NOT a faux grandma...bc i'm only 41!!!!
jada DID NOT wake me up one morning at 6:30 am asking me to paint her nails bc they just looked awful.  i WAS NOT completely exhausted and a little annoyed even processing at that hour that i had finger nails.

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