Monday, August 02, 2010

not me monday

a few things that me and the DID NOT do this last week...

i DID NOT totally miss a turn this week because there was a grown man driving a lawn tractor on the main street...he was NOT a total bobby bucher {water boy}.
jada DID NOT tattle on sofia for dunking her head in the toilet...for us to see a completely dry and clean sofia.  jada DID NOT get in big time trouble for tattling to get her sister in trouble.  i am NOT frustrated with this ongoing tactic of hers. 

i DID NOT get to totally hang out with the best college aged kids in the world on saturday and then again on sunday night...i am NOT totally blessed by so many awesome young adults who love jesus and just wanna be His love in this world.  wow.
i DID NOT get to make pudgie pies with my high school bible study this week...and we DID NOT make pizza pudgie pies, which were NOT totally amazing and awesome.  i am def NOT getting the girlies some fab tonka toasters to make some dinner over a fire pit here at home :)
hubs DID NOT go to san juan and stay on the beach at a resort "for work" 3 days...he even DID NOT "have" to work from the room one day, you know, beachside.  i am NOT bitter...grrrr.

me and hubs DO NOT start our co-ed softball league tonight after a 3 year sabatical (that we DO NOT call sofia).  i am NOT jacked to get back to the sport i love.  and i am NOT worried just a little that i will seriously injure this not 25 year old body.

brooke DID NOT ask me 'mom, zeus has 2 seeds where he pee's. what are they for?' 
me:'those are nipples, they are suppose t be there.' 
b: 'wow...wish i'd have known that. i have been trying to pick them ever since we got him.'

sofia DID NOT drink bubbles that were left open on a table...she DID NOT swallow it with snarl on her face and shake like a lizard int he grass.  the bubbles were NOT orange scented...and i DID NOT wonder why in the world some idiot would make drink scented bubbles!!!
paige DID NOT go tubing and totally hang with her fav cousin, gab, all weekend.  i was NOT a little jealous that they even wen to the drive in!

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carlotta said...

That is too funny about Brooke and the "seeds"! Hilarious :)

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Kristy said...

LOL about the seeds!!!! Oh, thank God for kids, you know?!