Thursday, August 12, 2010

...and she's 7 now!!

it's brooke's bday today...
i can hardly believe that 7 years ago today we were in a labor/delivery room with brit...worried so much about brittany and at the same time, so incredibly excited to see the baby that we had waited so long for.
brit was so young...we loved her so much and we just wanted everything to be okay for her.  
i have to say, i specifically remember actually feeling the room was full of holy angels...there was this powerful sense of God's presence and peace and love.  we had tons of people on their knees for brit...and for that, i am so grateful.  bc that day, that moment, brooke was the witness of God's love to a number of people who had never felt that kind of love before.
and then the little horse was born...and there was a sigh of relief that all was well.  i remember looking for ryan while i was holding brit as the nicu doctors took care of brooke's lungs.
ryan was in the hallway outside the room, prostrate on the floor, sobbing.  he was overwhelmed with the beauty and grace we had just witnessed.  from that day on, i really believe he and i saw a true picture in like real life of what's God's grace looks flesh.
brooke is a vivacious, hilarious, beautiful gift from God...and every day i'm so grateful she's my daughter {even on "those" days}.  and so are her sisters...i promise!
{i put this pic in to make sure to remind paige that she was overly jacked about getting brooke...this literally was the first time she held her and she could not wait!!}
one week ago, we were back at that hospital where b was born...with brit, delivering her baby boy, jordan. and that was another huge gift from God.
because not only do i have an awesome 7 year old that will def change the world, but i have a super courageous, loving, honorable and humble "daughter" in brit...and a "faux grandson" in little jordan.
more importantly, i see God's hand working...brooke was just the beginning.
watch out world...bc my brookie cookie is gonna rock this joint out.

thanks, brit.  love you brooke.  happy bday, girl.


Pam said...

Love it! you are blessed!!! Brooke is blessed.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful post. Happy Birthday to your sweet Brooke.

Lindsay said...

Love it - i think it's so cool that you are still in contact with B's birth mom - what a great testimony!

Kel said...

Happy Birthday...Such a wonderful gift of family!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Love the pics...Happy Birthday to her!

Michelle said...

happy 7th birthday to Brooke!