Tuesday, July 20, 2010

working at the car wash...

sofia is totally into the pretend play right now...
she's loving her school bus full of little people and animals and lately, well, there has been some mayhem.

on the drive to school, the kids decided to "twash" {trash} the bus and it then, needed a car wash.
i would like to point out that the lecturing abilities of said 2 year old bus driver were quite good and impressive and very, very hilarious!

i notice that my gerber daisy was the flipping car washer.
{this proves, btw, why all of my things are not nice anymore bc if there were, they would be a good car buffer}
{{noting the awesome sound effects by the perched lips}}

and during the rinse cycle, she discovered there was a camera...so we got us some CHEESE.

...and big sis stepped in to bring it all around to the end.

and then i noticed, i have 2 of my daughters, doing a car wash.  one in a bikini and the other, well, topless.  i sure hope that says nothing about our future.


Synergy Girl said...

That is too cute...!!! My kids think getting the carwashed is like going on the carosel at the Zoo...they DIG it...and I gets my car all shiny shiny!!

Kimmy said...

LMAO!! That is super cute...and funny!!

joven said...

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