Monday, June 21, 2010

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this week...

i DID NOT see the best "i'm an idiot don't date me" bumper sticker on a car. 'deer camp. big racks. wild tails." it DID NOT have the uber trashy lady silhouette.  and you guessed it, the car was NOT running on a donut.  NOT classy at all.

our AC is NOT out...and it is NOT almost 100 degrees here with 4000% humidity.  we are NOT boiling!!
we DID NOT have our summer college ministry kick off on saturday.  it was def NOT rocking and awesome.  joe banua and kyle DID NOT play the best worship music ever at the fire pit...we DID NOT worship the lord and just plain have fun!

sofia DID NOT say 'hear ice cream man with my head'...then grabbed her pixie. i DID NOT wonder if maybe she has radar with that pixie thing.

we DID NOT have an entire softball free weekend...and yes, we DID NOT make any plans :)

i DID NOT hang out with my girlfriend on friday night, have some wine and do girl time while the kiddos played and hubs watched espn.  turns out that is NOT the perfect night for us all!

b, jk and 2 friends were NOT playing nerf swords. sofia DID NOT say 'i wanna sword. fine. IIII have hat.' she DID NOT kick her feet, throw the hat and walk off proudly.

sofia DID NOT see the starbucks sign and say, "i wanna donut." when i said, "we are not going now", she  DID NOT say, "daddy needs his coffee.  we get daddy coffee."  i DID NOT think that was not only creative, but totally inspirational!

my high school girls bible study is NOT awesome and we DID NOT have a great week...and we DID NOT "ride the hasselhoff" just like spongebob.  yep, i know you do NOT wish you were totally as cool as us.

while watching the "mythbusters best of", hubs DID NOT say to brooke, "you can not do any of this, btw, to me or mom, or anyone else, just so you know."  i DID NOT giggle thinking that it should def go unsaid.
i am NOT pretty much at the end of my patience rope with the kids and them trashing everything, no matter what i do for punishment or praise.  i do NOT need a break for a few hours, but i do really, really love them all.

Mckmama- Not Me Monday


Kristy said...

Take that break, girl, it will make you love them more! BTW, I did NOT just let my child eat just Cheetos for lunch.

CC said...

it is not cloudy and overcast AGAIN!! ugh. and i am not about to start summer vacation (on Wed!) and will not kill my kids when on said vacation.

meganleigh said...

Always fun to read, D! I tried my hand at a not-me-monday this week. Never as entertaining as yours and a few other's I read, but still fun. :)